antiX-19.1 bug-fix/upgrade isos available.

All new isos are bug-fix/upgrades of antiX-19 sysvinit series.

Only for new users, no need to download if using antiX-19.

antiX-19.1 is based on Debian Buster and systemd-free.

As usual we offer the following systemd-free flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture.

antiX-full (c1.1GB) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm plus full libreoffice suite.

antiX-base (c700MB so fits on a cd) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm.

antiX-core (c350MB) – no X, but should support most wireless.

antiX-net (c140MB)- no X. Just enough to get you connected (wired) and ready to build.

The 32 bit version uses a non-pae kernel.


* 4.9.200 kernel
* firefox-esr (68.3.0esr-1)
* IceWM upgraded to latest upstream version (1.6.3)
* elogind upgrade to 241.3
* feh without yudit dependency
* tomb version 2.7
* disk-manager included
* ceni network manager included, but connman is default

See here for full list of what’s included on antiX-19 series.

Note: antiX net versions do not include the kernel headers.


anticapitalista, 23 December 2019, Thessaloniki

antiX-19.1 based on debian sid available

These iso files are based on Debian sid and come as core or net version using svsVinit or runit.

The following flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture are available.

antiX-core (c350MB) sysVinit and runit versions – no X, but should support most wireless.

antiX-net (c180MB) sysVinit and runit versions – no X. Just enough to get you connected (wired only) and ready to build.

The 32 bit version uses a non-pae kernel.

These iso files are for experienced users of antiX or Debian.

* Based on Debian sid
* runit or sysVinit
* eudev (3.2.8) instead of systemd-udev
* Customised 5.2.21 kernel with fbcondecor splash
* antiX remaster and persistence tools
* live-kernel-updater
* cli-aptiX – a cli package installer
* antiX-cli-cc – cli control centre
* live-usb-maker
* basic cli installler
* no UEFI install option




antiX-19 runit release

Thought I would see how this works.

antiX-19 base version (sort of), but with runit as the init system instead of SysVinit.

This is an official version of antiX-19 and though it is stable, it is a bit of an experiment.
Available in 32 and 64 bit.

* Default kernel is 4.9.200
* based on antiX-base version, but with some changes
* live iso built using lz4 compression, which means a faster boot, but larger iso file size.
* IceWM only (fluxbox, JWM and herbstluftwm removed)
* plain IceWM is default window manager to keep RAM usage low – ie no rox ‘desktop’ meaning that no icons on the desktop (live boot though via F6 or installed under Desktop menu give Rox-IceWM and min-IceWM options)
* spacefm removed
* uses ceni for networking – no connman installed
* there are bugs especially when running live eg on boot you will see some sequence of green ‘OK’s and reboot will actually shutdown the computer.
* as is the case with base versions of antiX, synaptic is not installed

If you find on installation that no drives are shown in /media, then delete the /etc/fstab file and type this in a terminal

sudo make-fstab

Give it a try – post your impressions/comments/bugs over at antiX forums.

Files here:




Thessaloniki, 10 December 2019.

5.3.14 kernel available

I have a 5.3.14 kernel available to antiX-19 64 bit users (buster, testing and sid).

This may be useful for those with new hardware.

Note: Virtualbox, broadcom-sta, ndiswrapper (and probably nvidia) drivers may not build for the buster version, but should build for testing and sid ones.