antiX-21-beta2 iso files available. (Debian 11 based)

We have 2 versions for experienced users to try. These iso files default to using SysVinit.

antiX-21-b2-x64-full and antiX-21-b2-386-full are beta quality releases for experienced testers of antiX to test and provide feedback before final release.
Do not use this as your main OS, though it *might* be possible to upgrade to final (no promises).

* customized antiX 4.9.0-279 and 5.10.57 kernels on the 64 bit live iso. Please try both in your tests.
* customized antiX 4.9.0-279-486-non-pae kernel on the 32 bit live iso. (pae versions available in the repos)
* grub/UEFI live boot changes. Select live boot options (persistence, etc…) from the boot menu and sub menus rather than using the previous console menus. Please check localisation.
* New installer partition selection area, including some lvm support if lvm volume exists.
* no virtualbox-guest packages so best to test on real hardware – live, frugal or installed.
* added mesa vulkan drivers
* improved localisation of apps and live system


We now include 2 (forked) in house apps provided by antiX user skidoo. (Many thanks).
* zzzFM replaces SpaceFM
* slimski replaces slim login manager.

Please post any feedback at antiX forums and state if you are testing live, frugal, in a virtual machine or on bare metal. We are particularly interested in testing the new UEFI live system boot menus as well as testing the installer. Virtualbox testing is welcome, but we are mainly looking for issues on real hardware(if any).

Files here: Testing

Known issue(s):

* libreoffice complains about missing java, but it still works ok.