“spectre” and “meltdown” – 4.14.11 security kernel upgrades

I’m sure most people have heard about these kernel vulnerabilities by now. If not, have a read

I have uploaded ‘meltdown’ secure kernels for 4.14.11 for 64 bit to antiX stretch/testing and sid repos. Patching the default 4.10.5 kernel is not progressing very well since the patches are very complex and there are no existing patches for the 4.10 series (yet).

So, at this moment in time, here are your choices.

1. Do nothing
2. Wait for the 4.10.5 kernel gets patched (no idea when that will be)
3. Use an existing patched kernel from Debian stretch (4.9 series)
4. Use the 4.14.11 antiX patched kernel.

Network-manager available in antiX repos

Yes, you read it right.
Thanks to the great work by the Devuan project package team, I have managed to fork their version of network-manager to antiX stretch (not testing or sid).
You must install eudev for it to work.

apt-get update && apt-get install eudev && apt-get install network-manager

Once installed you will need to make sure /etc/network/interfaces file only contain the following.

# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

Post to let us know how well it works on systemd-free antiX-17.

antiX-17.1 sid based net images available

For those of you that want to live on the wild side of Debian and basically start out from scratch, antiX has provided sid based net images for you. You will need a wired connection since no firmware is included. Remember we are systemd-free!

This is for experts or for those that want to learn and are prepared to search for solutions to any possible issues.

antiX-17.1 sid based net images

32 bit version uses a 4.10.5 antiX custom kernel,while 64 bit ships with a 4.14.5 antiX custom kernel.


* eudev
* sysvinit
* cli-aptix
* cli-installer-antix
* gcc-7
* live-kernel-updater
* live-usb-maker
* remaster-antix