Expired GPG Key

If you receive an expired antiX key message, here is a fix.

wget -c http://repo.antixlinux.com/bookworm/pool/main/a/antix-archive-keyring/antix-archive-keyring_20019.5.0_all.deb

sudo dpkg -i antix-archive-keyring_20019.5.0_all.deb

[sudo] password for ____

Provide your password to complete the installation of the package.

Security updated kernels

Latest security fix kernels should now be in the repos.
All users are strongly advised to upgrade (via synaptic, cli-aptiX or package-installer).

Latest versions for 32 (pae and non) and 64 bit – squeeze (antiX-a7), buster (antiX-19), bullseye (antiX-21), testing and sid:


L1TF / Foreshadow patched kernels available

Users are advised to upgrade their kernels to the latest now available in the antiX repos.

These versions are now available for both 32 (486 and 686-pae) and 64 bit architecture
for all flavours.

4.18.7 stretch, testing, sid
4.9.126 stretch, testing, sid
4.4.155 jessie (antiX-16)