14 Million Visitors to U.S. Face Social Media Screening

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    Alright, chain reaction here and I can’t resist. 🙂

    I have been far worse treated by so called christians from USA. They put a death on judgement day code on my house and have threatened me several times.

    Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever had the judgement day code (whatever that is), but I’ve experienced some threats (many of which were just plain ridiculous) and other not-so-nice treatment from Christians (and some Muslims) myself, I agree they’re not all paragons of virtue. At the same time I’ve seen well behaved ones that I personally get along with. My personal policy here is to respect the man for who he is, and not what religion he wants to be in. Now a days I only discuss religion if someone starts off with proselytising.

    I am White blond blue eyed. Have visited mosques been to Muslim festivals as a guest including one at the sultans palace in Selangor. Friends who are Buddhist have been to Mecca Privately, I have had no had no problems, be open, be straight explain why you are not considered unclean. Dońt be a bigot and you will find new friends. Certain extremist areas excepted but if you are there you should know about that

    I’ve been to Saudi before. They have motorway exits that are marked “Obligatory for Non-Muslims” and “Muslims Only.” Your friend was either very lucky, or he didn’t go into a muslim-only zone.

    The thread was about entry to USA, my friend was refused because he would not open his business phone. He would be sacked isf he did, that device tracks all transactions and sends opening and closing codes. H works for a US computer industry giant. So much for exemptions.

    Won’t be long before someone comes up with an SD card full of child porn or grand shopping mall explosion hijack plans, hidden deep within checked luggage. Electronics these days are getting smaller and smaller and eventually the conventional security techniques are having a hard time keeping up. The biggest problem with security here is getting the balance right. On the flip side, what sensitive data is a US computer giant storing on a business phone (that could easily get lost), and why can’t *they* provide the exemption to their transaction tracking policy?

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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