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      After years on Fedora, it visibly slowed down with update to version 27. When it not only crashed my computer for the umpteenth time while producing news under deadline for community radio but also corrupted my operating system forcing me to start my work all over, I said that’s enough. I looked for something else, and so far this looks like the cat’s meow. I’m considering putting it now on my old Samsung Netbook as well. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


        Welcome Laughing_Coyote,

        Been running antiX for many years, great distro, good people here, Welcome and howdy.


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          And a Howdy and Welcome from me. I found I was rpm dyslexic when rawhide tanned my hide.

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          Brian Masinick

            Welcome to the antiX community Laughing_Coyote!

            Glad you are here!

            Brian Masinick

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