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    Crashed DiskCrashed Disk

    Hello all,

    Everyone has been very helpful so far. I have now ditched the Ubuntu partition, dedicated Antix to said partition (dual booting with original Mac OS using Refind boot manager) and have installed the OS with all my settings from the backup iso using live USB creator.

    The following has happened but not a major problem as can live with it:

    1. During install (used minstall via terminal as booted from live USB) it went fine until the part where you had to create user accounts. As I already had this setup I created a dummy account called test gave it a pw and set the root pw. I then got error creating accounts. Not a major problem exited and system is installed on my HD and works with the accounts previously setup.

    2. When trying to delete the snapshot folder after creating one it said i didn’t have permission to delete the folder from downloads (thats where I told it to output to). I got around that by right clicking and selecting rox as root.sh

    3. The attached error message now appears when I login, no idea why or how to fix it just started doing it.

    I am using the default repos as told the setup wizard to use those. Is this the best setup or are there better ones I should be using (I am UK based but didn’t choose London or Manchester). running Antix 19 Manolis Glezos on my 2008 Mac Mini

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful for your input

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by Crashed Disk.
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