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    1. You have to be logged in …

    Apparently you didn’t read my whole post – I said I was accessing the forum from a different distro – I also said I wasn’t able to get antiX up and running, so maybe the forum acts differently from this distro than it does from antiX. I did, however indicate that I was logged in – it says

    “Howdy, mizpa!”

    Calm down, I wasn’t trying to insult you or anyone else, I was just stating the facts as I see them on my laptop screen. I won’t bother you anymore,
    Thanks for your help.

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    @ skidoo – There was no intention to insult you or berate you when I said “you would insist” it was just my way of expressing my frustration of not getting the antiX up and running on that old laptop. Also, I never said that I hadn’t done something wrong when using gparted – it wouldn’t be the first time for me. I’m sorry if I have offended you by that remark and hope that you will accept my apologies if you were offended.

    I’ve got an idea, if I have any more problems installing antiX, I won’t ask about them here, I’ll find another forum, as I’ve obviously offended noClue and who knows how many others. I’ve been using antiX for a lot of years, on and off, I think from the time that Anti first introduced it and I’ll continue to use it on my older laptops, I’ll continue to monitor the forum from time to time, just to see what is new and exciting – I just won’t bother this forum with my questions.

    I have always appreciated your help in several situations whether it was my questions or someone else and I know that you are always willing to help others. I have also read a lot of documentation on antiX, and several other Debian-based distros (not that I understand most of it), I guess I’m just from the wrong generation. I know how to RTFM (I got that a few times on the Debian forum before I figured out what it meant!), so I had to read the manual even if it was “Greek to me” (sorry, Anti, no offense meant!)

    Now, I think I’ll do as BobC suggested, “relax, have a homebrew!”
    Thanks for all of your help, take care.


    About WordPress forum-software:

    Just tested and confirmed, log-in works and shows messages properly under:
    PC: Linux, Mac & Windows (Chrome/Chromium, Edge, Epiphany, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari)
    Smartphone & Tablet: BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile


    “I wish you too, noClue, would refrain from replying…” — You’re right on that one, my fault.
    “OP’s reformatting misfortune certainly does sound like it was self-inflicted.” was the drop that overfilled my glass …

    He can simply put his image back and the ‘misfortune’ is solved.
    Whaaat??? Don’t have the operating system image to put back?
    Shows me that it was ‘doing first, thinking second’.
    OPs problem is actually not a technical one.


    I did read your post and I do not know everything — In fact, I didn’t even manage yet, to create a new user and log in with it in antiX forum.
    However, once that’s done, writing and reading personal messages works just fine on any relevant platform you could be possibly using.
    If it doesn’t work for you, it’s you (or your web browser) and it’s not the “the other distro”, the other OS or the other web browser.

    I simply got irritated by all the negativity, wrong way of asking the questions and totaly false statements made by you — I’m not offended and will gladly help.
    I understand that they were probably just a result of your frustration in the given moment however, the most important would be that you understand that it was all your fault.
    When I killed my own backup HD, I didn’t go to the SW makers forum telling him/them how his/their SW didn’t/doesn’t work properly (because I did a mistake by the way I was using it).

    There are no ‘stupid’ questions, but there are ‘bad’ questions.
    A bad question needs the whole manual to be written.
    A good question can be answered.

    So, ask us a good question.

    How strange is to be anything at all. (Alice in Wonderland)

    Forum Admin

    Member response, not a mod response:

    Mom always mentioned. Honey before Vinegar. That is also why my sig says what it says. Confusion and Chaos? I thrive in it.

    Nobody died, got blind,cripple,or crazy. So no biggy.

    Mod response hat put back on.

    I won’t stand for personal insults made to any member. Though I have also walked there on the edge in my replies in the old forum when I saw flaky threads that had nothing to do with Linux and more to do personal agendas Being human. I aint perfect.

    But being a Mod. I am learning. Slowly but surely. This forum software confuses even me. I just don’t mention it much. I just quietly explore on my own.
    This forum is more restrictive to me since I have no clue. The last forum was easier. But beggars cannot be choosy. I appreciate the spam filters here compared to the old forum. Where I spent a lot of time filtering out bots and spammers.

    So kumbya members and have a good time.If it aint fun. What is the point?

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
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    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems


    I’m relatively new here but I’ve been on computer forums for over 30 years. One thing I have learned is that it’s easy to misinterpret what is written in text. I also know that sometimes you can’t help.

    There is a general understanding among the Linux community at large that we share freely but that we discourage freeloading. Sometimes we need help and sometimes we can give help. It’s poor etiquette to always take without giving back.

    antiX gives a lot. The manuals and FAQ and forums are good. But we can’t expect to be shown the way without some evidence of effort on our part.

    To the OP (mizpa): I have read through your threads. You seem to have some experience with using computers and linux, and even antiX. Yet you have not learned to use backups and “test” installs? That doesn’t make sense to me. Your text seems to put the blame on antiX. But I’m not sure you even know the correct procedure for partitioning a hard drive. That is not antiX’s fault. Perhaps you are just frustrated that things went wrong. But, with respect, what you type can be misunderstood. Can you really put the blame on antiX?

    For antiX newbies who may find this thread I would suggest that this is a lesson to learn. Do not try to partition a disk and install antiX on your main Windows computer that holds your precious data! Use a DVD, a USB, or a different computer until you know how everything is going to work. antiX makes this relatively easy when compared to some other distros. The LiveUSB stuff is among the best available.

    If you have only one computer and you want to install antiX along side your Windows operating system and dats then BACKUP your windows system and your data BEFORE you attempt to install antiX. If something goes wrong it’s not antiX’s fault!


    Who, by the way has also failed to properly backup and had things go wrong. I know the feeling – it’s not a good one.

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    For what is worth, I also find the forum hard to understand. I learned a lot from this thread and the screen shots. Thank you.


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