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      Looking at the docs here:
      http://download.tuxfamily.org/antix/docs-antiX-19/live-boot/persistence.html (Section “Examples of using the persist Option”)
      I noticed they seem to contradict in the part about how “root” persistence option treats home persistence. First one says there’s no home persistence with this option, while second one says there actually is, both root and home in dynamic mode.

      By trying it myself, I saw that the later seems to be the one being correct.

      Is this because one doc may be just outdated?

      On thing apart, what’s the real difference between “!” and non-“!” options? With “!” booting would fail with error if persistence could not be enabled; but without “!”, would booting continue just with persistence totally disabled in case of failure?

      Thanks again.


        I’m glad you actually used persistence, to see for yourself.

        Quoting from that first article:

        one more paragraph here

        and again:

        Blah, blah, blah.

        You see that one isn’t quite complete…

        But you hit on it: persist_root & p_static_root will include the /home directory (as one would assume).

        And you are right again about the behavior of “!”

        Also see this:

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          Indeed, the section of the “persistence.html” doc describing the persistence -related boot options boot options is too terse, is unclear.

          Required root persistence. No home persistence.

          This too terse verbiage might have been drafted to fit within constraints of the liveboot F1 help screens… and got carried over, verbatim, to the html doc.

          During a session when the persist=root! has been specified on the bootline
          (identical to selection of “persist_root” aka “root_persist” via F4 dropdown options on the liveboot screen),
          no [separate from rootfs] home persistence files will consulted during the session nor will be written when changes to /home/* -pathed files are saved.


          Take care if, across sessions, you mix-n-match persistence modes.
          The result(s) can be confusing.
          For instance, during a session when any of the separate “home” persistence modes is in effect,
          any identically-pathed files which exist within the homefs will be masked by their same-named “home” counterparts.


          The “Persistence Shortcuts” section of that wiki page illustrates the point that we have available greatly flexible functionality, but are presented with confusingly many choices and (for the sake of backward compatibility across version releases) confusingly many aliases//shortcuts//cheatcodes

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