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    Hello people,

    First I am happy to see that there are more alternatives to systemd. I never liked systemd
    but that was always only one problem – the larger problem was that egoistic and selfish
    upstream developers forced users to use systemd. That was always much worse to me than
    Red Hat developers creating systemd per se; nobody would have minded if systemd would
    have been only optional, but no, they had to force it down onto downstream users.

    Anyway – my post here is not about systemd but instead explains a bit how I found AntiX
    (although I think I used to know AntiX before… just never tried it); I am no longer
    using systemd distributions so I have a much smaller use-possibility these days.
    Gentoo, Slackware, GoboLinux, Devuan, VoidLinux … possibly now AntiX. I’ll give
    it a spin on my laptop; slackware did not work there due to some hardware-related
    problem on that cheap laptop. 🙂

    The post here is about one request specific to AntiX:

    – Would it be possible to offer larger .iso files?

    I’ll explain what I mean here.

    If you look at the distrowatch release summary, you can see this here:

    “Additional information can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download (pkglist):
    antiX-17_x64-full.iso (780MB, MD5, signature, torrent),
    antiX-17_x64-base.iso (616MB, MD5, signature, torrent),
    antiX-17_x64-core.iso (309MB, MD5, signature, torrent),
    antiX-17_x64-net.iso (160MB, MD5, signature, torrent). Also available from OSDisc.”

    780MB is ok I guess… perhaps you guys focus on CDs primarily.

    I am very much used to slackware releases which are kind of “all inclusive”, like
    almost 8 Gig upon installing… all fits into one DVD.

    These days I am only using DVDs and I burn them locally. So to me, it is SUPER
    convenient if everything I need, is part of that DVD. Usually that also means
    the KDE desktop, although I primarily use xfce, fluxbox or the mate-desktop. I
    just like to have a full suite of programs available, and to optionally also
    use that as a desktop. I can omit Gnome3 largely because it’s Red Hat
    systemd-ification again (unless you count the Gentoo guy who made it systemd
    free) – but mostly I don’t need Gnome3, only gnome-apps, many of which actually
    work without systemd anyway.

    But to summarize:

    – Please also offer a slightly larger .iso with either full KDE or at the least
    the more useful KDE programs + qt (KDE Konsole is my favourite terminal for
    example; vte based terminals are ok too but I prefer KDE konsole).

    Anyway, great work on antix, I hope you guys can retain your momentum and
    motivation. \o/

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by shevy.

    Then on the other hand
    antiX-17_x64-full.iso (780MB, MD5, signature, torrent),

    has more than I will ever use. So I figured that was a great compromise size myself. JMHO

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    And for the first time antiX full does not fit on a cd!

    What lost many distros is that they want to do too much with a limited number of volunteers. Not to be rude and antiX’s not my baby but rather than going in too many directions I hope they keep on doing what they have done so far.

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    I doubt we will make an official KDE flavour of antiX. But that is something that you could easily do with the iso-snapshot tool. People have made KDE flavoured MX snapshots. IIRC, maintenance took some work since not everything KDE worked seamlessly with MX. If you are really serious about a KDE flavour then after making a KDE snapshot you could look into our build-iso tool which is used for making all of the MX and antiX distribution iso files.

    You can see the three flavours of antiX: full, base, and core as starting points for people to create their own custom systems. Once you’ve customized the system to your liking, you are just a live-remaster or an iso-snapshot away from making it your own. You’ll have your customized system on live media. You can use it to install on other machines, or as a backup of your system. Distribute it to others as a snapshot iso, use it as a rescue boot device, or take your system with you in your pocket on a live-usb.

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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Great point BitJam!

    Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to create your own customized system with our collection of tools.

    I created my own customized system several years ago with antiX Core. Interestingly enough, it looked a lot like the MX software that we now distribute!

    For those who want to create their own specific system, you can create whatever variation you prefer, using the window manager or desktop environment that best suits you, and the application software you prefer too.

    Brian Masinick


    I would think a KDE version of antiX would effectively void the “Mean and Lean” characterization.

    I support the candidate that will steal the least from me.

    Forum Admin

    780MB is ok I guess… perhaps you guys focus on CDs primarily.


    For the KDE stuff. Like Bitjam and others mentioned. We like to help those who can help themselves. From my long running AntiX 15 installation based on Jessie. This is also available on the new AntiX 17 full iso installs also. I am KDE dyslexic myself. Different strokes and choices and all that stuff. But the choice is there if you wish to implement it. Just a internet connection away. What I am showing you is systemd free packages also. For KDE, Mate, LXDE, etc…..

    Have fun with it.


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