A script that stops my connections, what to do ?

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    Good evening,

    I have a script which is stopping or slowing my connections: it appears on the screen with that message “do you want to continue or to stop” ??
    how do you manage that?
    I give you the script :” chrome://global/content/bindings/notification.xml:337″, completely unknown !!

    What do you advise in this case ?

    Thank you,

    Anti X 16 / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 13


    Is your system up to date? antiX16 isn’t very recent.

    If you have the ability to try it on fresher software, I would try that. It also might just be the site you are trying to access.


    it is possible that an addon or a browser theme, installed by you, slows down the browser (firefox I suppose )
    Here is a video that might help.


    I agree, however. antiX16 is quite old.


    I tend to agree with caprea and, even if I have noClue what exactly is causing the problem, I have a feeling that the cause might very well be some of the extensions that you are using.

    Possible solutions:
    Refresh Firefox
    Create new Profile

    Maybe this links can give you some further clues:


    Thank you all : do you mean I have to move to ANTIX 19 ? what is the method : to create a new DVD and to burn the DVD with ANTIX 19 or to upgrade from ANTIX 16 to ANTIX 19 ?
    I am not really used to manage these extensions or addons : I understand nothing how it works and I am afraid it could open new problems…!
    Therefore, I would prefer to start from scratch.

    Anti X 16 / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 13


    antiX 19b3 is still in beta testing. It should be released soon (my guess is within a few weeks).

    antiX 17.4.1 is stable.

    THe easiest choice is as noClue suggested to fix the Firefox by refreshing it (there is a big blue button in the middle of the Refresh Firefox page)

    I would try that first.


    Ok but I don’t see where could be the Refresh Firefox page in the list : I have restarted the computer, I have started Firefox again, I have cleared cookies and cache, I have restarted in safe mode, but I don’t see “Reinstall Firefox” and ” Refresh Firefox” …..sorry !

    Anti X 16 / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 13


    Do you speak French?

    Ok, this link will run the “Refresh Firefox” button.


    Click the blue button on that page

    Cliquez sur le bouton bleu sur cette page

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    Hi there ! I have found the blue button “refresh firefox” and another one ” repair firefox”, I clicked the two buttons, but they don’t seem “active”, and nothing happens !

    Anti X 16 / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 13


    Sorry, I don’t have any more easy suggestions.


    Save your bookmarks first if you have anything worth keeping before you proceede.

    Just close the Firefox, rename .mozilla folder inside your home diectory to .mozilla_old and rename/delete anything else mozilla/firefox in .config and .cache.

    You‘ve got the total reset.

    Do not remove or modify anything outside of your home directory!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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