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      How can I add the volume icon to the bottom bar of min-icewm Desktop?

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        simply add

        volumeicon &

        to your ~/.config/icewm/startup file.

        if you use other desktops or other icewm configs, you might want to comment out the line in ~/.desktop-session/startup or you might get double volumeicons.

        **edit** or not, see Dave’s post below.

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          D.O. If that does work then that is a bug AFAIK. The idea behind min- options is to disable everything but the window manager. That way you can get to a desktop on really low spec machines. What you would need to do is disable almost all the options in ~/.desktop-session/desktop-session.conf and in ~/.*WM*/startup (which is what the min- options do) and choose another option (like icewm instead of min-icewm) then add volume icon as D.O. suggests. Or enable startup file in ~/.desktop-session/desktop-session.conf and comment everything out of ~/.desktop-session/startup but the volumeicon line.

          You can access these files via the control centre under the desktop tab for edit Wm options and the session tab for user desktop session

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            You could add alsamixer to your bottom toolbar and it would save about 20mb of memory as compared to using the volume icon. In AntiX control panel, go to desktop tab, click Edit IceWm settings, click on the toolbar tab, then add or uncomment a line to add alsamixer

            prog “Volume Control/Mixer” /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/status/16/audio-volume-medium.png roxterm –hide-menubar –title=alsamixer -e alsamixer -D equal

            Also, if you go to the keys tab there, you will probably find there are keys mapped to raise, lower, mute/unmute the volume

            #Set Volume
            key “Alt+Ctrl+KP_Divide” amixer -c 0 set Master 5-# lower volume
            key “Alt+Ctrl+KP_Multiply” amixer -c 0 set Master 5+ # raise volume
            key “Alt+Ctrl+KP_Add” amixer sset Master toggle # mute on/off

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              Nothing has worked for me.

              sudo geany /.config/icewm/startup

              I added

              volumeicon &

              but when I tried to save:

              Error saving file.
              Error opening file '/.config/icewm/startup': No such file or directory
              The file on disk may now be truncated!

              /.icewm/startup and /.desktop-session/startup are absolutely blank; There’s nothing to comment out there.

              I also added

              prog “Volume Control/Mixer” /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/status/16/audio-volume-medium.png roxterm –hide-menubar –title=alsamixer -e alsamixer -D equal

              to the /.icewm/toolbar, I rebooted, but there’s not alsamixer at the botom toolbar.

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                As the error says the /.config/icewm/startup file does not exist.

                For that matter neither does any of the other files because the “~” is missing from the front of the file path. (should be ~/.icewm/startup not /.icewm/startup)

                You will probably find better luck opening these files through the control centre.
                Control centre -> Desktop -> Edit icewm settings
                Control centre -> session -> user desktop session.

                And the files will probably be similar to:



                # Puts a volume icon on the taskbar
                volumeicon & 
                # Enable/Disable automounting
                #automount-antix &
                # Puts a flag on the taskbar to show which keyboard is being used if more than 1 keyboard layout is detected
                #fbxkb-start &
                # Uncomment for easy search from the taskbar
                #search-bar-icon &
                # Uncomment the following line to mount Samba and/or NFS shares
                #connectshares &
                # Uncomment to show the configuration gui of a running ssh-conduit-x11vnc server
       gui &
                # Uncomment to use clipboard manager
                #clipit &
                # Uncomment to show wicd networking monitor
                #wicd-client -t &
                #grep -q "START_DAEMON=no" /etc/default/wicd || wicd-client -t &
                # Create a bootchart image if bootchart was run
                #test -e /etc/live/config/bootchart \
                    && (sleep 6 && test -e /var/log/bootchart.tgz \
                        && ! test -e ~/bootchart.png \
                        && pybootchartgui)&
                # Used on live system only
                #(sleep 5 && toram-eject) &


                #This is the desktop-session config file.
                #This is structured in a bash script format, so all options must be option="desired-option
                #Session service delay.
                #This is to set how long to delay startup to give enough time for the wm to completely load.
                #before starting to load other applications. This wait period will be started after the 
                #window manager has been found running.
                #TIME is expressed in seconds
                #Options: 0-9...
                #Session window manager check
                #This is to set the amount of times desktop-session checks for a running window manager
                #before giving up and denying the session to load.
                #Options: 0-9...
                #Session give up override
                #This is to set the override if the window manager is never found to be running by 
                #desktop-session. This will force the session to load if set to true.
                #Options: true | false
                #Session Protect.
                #This is how to protect the user from automatic updating of any file within desktop-session.
                #Examples are the menu, any file compare within file_compare, etc
                #Options for this are: 
                #SESSION_PROTECT="true #Strictly protect the user, leave the user to deal with any of the updating
                #SESSION_PROTECT="ask #Notify me at startup of any changes and allow me to choose what to update
                #SESSION_PROTECT="false #Just update me, I dont want to worry about falling behind.
                #Notification Dialog
                #This is where to enable / disable the session loading dialog
                #Options: true | false
                #Notification text or program
                #This is where the text is set for the notification that the session is loading.
                #This can be a specified text string or a program that will return a text string
                #NOTIFICATION_TEXT="Session is Loading, Please Wait....."
                NOTIFICATION_TEXT="Session is Loading, Please Wait....."
                #Startup Sound
                #Play Sound when loading the desktop (uses terminal command play)
                #Options: true | false
                #Default Sound Level
                #Set the sound volume level when starting up to default level
                #Set using amixer sset 'Master' -M
                #Level is set from 0% - 100%
                #Startup Sound File
                #Location of the file for the startup sound 
                #Startup Dialog
                #This is where to enable / disable the session startup dialog
                #Options: true | false
                #Startup Dialog Command
                #This is where to set the startup dialog command
                #STARTUP_DIALOG_CMD="leafpad ~/.startup-text
                #STARTUP_DIALOG_CMD="yad --image='info' --text='this is my startup dialog'"
                #Session load conky
                #This will load a window manager specific conky from ~/.conky
                #There must be a corresponding conkyrc in ~/.conky in the form of windowmanager-conkyrc
                #Else we will load conky without the -c parameter
                #Options: true | false
                #Session load xdg autostart
                #This will load any application that is setup to autostart via xdg autostart directories /
                #.desktop files.
                #Options: true | false
                #Session load startup
                #This will load any application that is setup to autostart via /etc/desktop-session/startup
                #Options: true | false
                #Session screen blank
                #This is to set the amount of time that the screen stays visible.
                #Desktop-session sets the dpms settings according to the screen blank value set here.
                #TIME expressed in seconds
                #Options: 0-9...
                #Session other desktops window
                #This is to set the other desktops window to pop up or not when a non default desktop is started.
                #true = pop up
                #false = no pop up
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                  Here is a screen print of adding it under AntiX16. The button itself is underneath the Restart IceWM button at the bottom, and does work on mine.

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                    You could add alsamixer to your bottom toolbar and it would save about 20mb of memory as compared to using the volume icon

                    reading this reminded me:
                    topic: “post your stats
                    In that topic, we can see quite a disparity in the memory attributed to volumeicon (only 6Mb on some systems, up to 23MB on others).


                      Adding the toolbar option didn’t work right on my AntiX17 full x64 machine, but it may be due to my modifications, so it needs to be tried on a stock AntiX17 system, which I don’t have at the moment. Can anyone else confirm if this works or not? I believe it should.

                      It definitely has to be the “lightest” option, so if that would be an acceptable solution for andfree, I could probably load one to try it this weekend.

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                        Adding the toolbar option didn’t work right

                        You’re referring to alsamixer ?

                        alsamixer is a TUI (terminal UI, ncurses) application, not a GUI application… and has no concept of iconify (aka “trayed” or “minimize to tray”)
                        To have a running instance of alsamixer available in tray, one would need to launch a GUI terminal emulator, passing alsamixer as its startup command, or create a desktop launcher which declares the line Terminal=true

                        What is the lightest terminal emulator app that recognizes an iconify startup arg? If xvt recognizes iconify arg, an instance of that would be pretty “light”.

                        I expect “lightest” (albeit not most convenient) would be to launch alsamenu, as needed, from menu or desktop icon… and immediately close it after use
                        (or Ctrl+F2, login to virtual terminal and launch alsamixer there, and leave it running)

                        I checked and confirmed that xvt -iconic will launch with xvt window initially iconized.

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                          min-* options are meant to be totally minimal ie no desktop (rox),icons, toolbar app launcher options.

                          If you want volumeicon in the toolbar, choose the icewm option and scaledown what you don’t want in the ¬/.desktop-session/startupfile

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                            Here is how Rok runs Xcalc in his taskbar.But I do this in my AntiX 15 laptop.

                            prog "Xcalc" /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/32x32/apps/accessories-calculator.png desktop-defaults-run -t xcalc

                            $ which alsamixer

                            I am not saying my same line will work for alsamixer however in AntiX 17. As far as the desktop-defaults-run -t alsamixer part is concerned.
                            I am just used to typing alsamixer in terminal when I need it.
                            I remember from the older AntiX days.

                            alsamixergui/oldstable 0.9.0rc2-1-9.1 i386
                              graphical soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver

                            But I don’t install it .This not a minimal install laptop. I have plenty of grunt to it.

                            Edit: I was informed xcalc is not a terminal only application. Though I only know how to launch it through terminal. So. Never mind.

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                              Yes, if you run it this way it still uses memory when you run it, but after you exit it uses none.

                              Ahhhh, so lxterminal is now the default in AntiX17. Ok, this is from a full AntiX17, so if it doesn’t work, you will need to change the icon to one that does exist. You can find out if it exists by opening a terminal and at the command line typing (yes, you can copy/paste it in).

                              ls -l /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/status/16/audio-volume-medium.png

                              in order to see if alsamixer exists and works you can then type


                              If both are good, add this line to the toolbar file (as shown above), save it, and then do MENU logout, hover over the arrow, and click restart icewm

                              prog “Volume Control-Mixer” /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/status/16/audio-volume-medium.png desktop-defaults-run -t alsamixer

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                                {blush} oops, I missed that detail

                                It definitely has to be the “lightest” option

                                If lightest is what we’re chasing, xvt (not pre-installed in antiX) is lighter than the default terminal app.

                                Supposing lxterminal is the “default terminal app”….
                                by needlessly invoking “desktop-defaults-run” in the launchstring to lookup/decide which terminal emulator to use…
                                …behind-the-scenes (check top or htop to confirm this) you wind up with a long-running “gksu -u myusername lxterminal” process, in addition to a “lxterminal” process.

                                ( “desktop-defaults-run” incurs 8–9Mb additional RSS overhead each time it is used )

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                                  Is that all the time skidoo? Do you have a ps/mem output/screen shot you could pm me? When I made it it was supposed to run, determine what is needed, start the app in background, and exit so as to not be kept in suspension. If it is being kept in suspension as a parent (and holding ram) I would like to see how to resolve it.

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