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      Run this command:
      sudo apt-mark hold elogind eudev grub-pc grub-common intel-microcode policykit-1 runit-helper xserver-common xserver-xorg-core
      and then upgrade
      sudo apt upgrade
      and reboot.

      If everything still works, then you can release from hold some packages at a time, upgrade and reboot until we can figure out what the reason for your kernel panic is.
      sudo apt-mark unhold grub-pc grub-common && sudo apt upgrade
      If it asks you where to install grub, select the main drive sda (with space key) and install. Then, reboot.
      sudo apt-mark unhold xserver-common xserver-xorg-core && sudo apt upgrade
      Hopefully after rebooting, you can log in to the graphical environment after this update.
      sudo apt-mark unhold intel-microcode && sudo apt upgrade
      As your machine uses a AMD CPU/GPU, the intel-microcode should not affect at all, so rebooting should lead to a working PC.
      The final unholds you need to do one at a time, in whatever order you want. I propose:


      Though you are running sysVinit, and runit-helper is just unneeded, I still decided to hold its update initially, as I don’t have enough info related to init systems.

      If at some point you get kernel panic again, let us know which of the updates is the one to blame. From that moment, you will know that your AMD CPU has a problem with that particular package, and will have to mark it so that it holds the original version so it never gets any updates.

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        The two first step are OK, it’s still booting.


          I just noticed that the file was not uplaod. Then for more information about the boot issue, I upload the picture.

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