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    Hi. Dlded Mailspring and gdebi says 29 packages to install but the “install” is clear(not grayed)
    Just sits there when clicked.
    Tried another .deb. Same thing.


    Where did you download from? getmailspring?

    Have you also attempted
    this, the preferred install method: “sudo apt install /path/to/downloaded/debfile”

    Have you searched the forum?
    I guess not ~~ as you will discover, others have faced problems related to mailspring.


    The forum search is like the gdebi. No results. Didn’t think about installing that way. Haven’t used that method for a .deb pkg since 1998-2000 or so.BTW. The other fail was Chrome beta (I know, I know—I need to sync googles crap to install brave and get my stuff).
    Haven’t run firefarce since chrome/chromium showed up. Thunderchicken went by the wayside when Mailspring came out.


    8 results
    and, we learn “no joy”. Missing dependencies or somesuch.
    The earlier posts are a bit dated; hopefully your result will be smoother with the current version
    but, so far, no one has reported success.

    mailspring is an “Electron” app, yes?
    Is available as a package from, yes?
    mailspring devs have 2017–2021 snubbed repeated requests to package an AppImage, so…

    Seems like you missed the turnoff for UbuntuSlither Road, and wound up here in Thunderchicken Hollow.
    okay bye


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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