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      When posting on another thread, about IceWM tips and tricks, I had the idea of using app-select just like it was a menu. It kind of looks like Windows 10 menu, with a search field on top and a list of all available apps… I know it allows access to everything that has a .desktop file, but to use it as a “full blown” menu, I though it required 2 extra buttons: “Exit-session” and “Control Centre”, in order to have the basic fast functionality users expect.
      Knowing nothing about python programming, I searched on-line and, faster than I though, I found out how to add buttons to the app’s window and make them run the applications I wanted.
      I’m not, at all suggesting that this should be used by default in antiX (well, I suggest, at least, changing the Run button to one that seems a bit more logical, like I did).
      Using app-select this way may ease the transitions of folks coming over from Windows 10 (or 11)- since app-select does not overwhelm them with options.

      You can test the adapted script by running it from the terminal. If you like it, you can add an entry for it in the toolbar, next to antiX menu (or disable the antiX menu toolbar button and use only app-select- right clicking the desktop or pressing the Windows key still summons the regular antiX menu).

      It’s just a stupid little idea…


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