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    a pastel colors theme
    userContent.css snippet at pastebin
    (The rainbows and unicorns are for amusement only. They are not included in the theme.)


    subforum page

    topic page

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    Thanks for that, skidoo ! Use it a while. Well, it’s really pastel.Alas , no rainbows and unicorns.
    Maybe I begin to play with the colours and then perhaps other things.

    Like to write here how easily anyone can integrate this on firefox, because it took me some time to find a description .

    Download the pastebin.
    In FF go to “help” and then “information about troubleshooting”
    On this side go to profile and click on “open folder”
    This will open the right direction.There you have to create a folder named chrome , if it isn’t already there.
    In this folder create a file named userContent.css
    To this file you copy and paste the text of the downloaded pastebin.
    Open firefox again and go to the antixforum-side and Voila, you have a new pastel-tinted forum.
    If you want to get back to the old, delete ore rename the userContent.css


    Perfect howto description, caprea.
    I would mention that instead of renaming the entire file, can disable / enable individual site-specific stanzas by editing the mentioned domain name.
    By changing the line mentioning (antixforum.com) to (zzzantixforum.com) the rules within the stanza will no longer be applied.
    This allows having more than one theme onhand for a given site (a “daytime” and a “nighttime”?) easily swapping between them.

    Instead of fiddling with theming, can use one of several browser extensions available to alter a site’s colors (one site, or all sites).
    PageShadow, Firefox Invert Colors…
    (“invert” is a good keyword to search for them at the addons.mozilla.org site)


    A lot of information, many ways to do things, but I think I will look at this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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