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      A bit of an odd request but thought I would ask as we are part of a “vintage” computing group.
      I have an old 10baset coax network of dos machines. I have lost my copy of lantastic V8.0 install disks (both cd and floppy).
      Would anyone happen to have an old disk lying around that they would not mind making an image of?
      I have tried contacting pcmicro but no response ( and thus I assume it is abandonware ) and I see nothing available via google.

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      Brian Masinick

        Wow, that’s cool Dave, and it predates anything that I own.
        I wish you success, and I hope someone here finds a copy to donate, share, or identify a source.

        Brian Masinick


          On internet archive only 4.10 and 5 can be found:
          Lantastic 4.10
          Lantactic 5 Upgrade

          An exe file (not what you asked for, but may be useful)
          Lantastic 8.01 exe multi-language (you need your LANtastic 8.0 serial number and verification key to install it).

          Maybe someone does have the iso. This is as far as a google search lead me.

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            8.01 may have been intended only for use with winXP
            I searched, including torrents (and kademlia p2p network, via amule program) and couldn’t find exactly v8.0

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              Think I found 6 over here


              They might have more


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                  I was going to suggest Vetusware, Roky beat me to it. I also find a lot of good DOS info on Vogons.


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                    Thanks everyone.
                    Someone has bestowed upon me a copy of the original cd (no serial number/key, I had a set already).
                    I will keep this archived if it is needed later.
                    Will try to contact the company a couple more times to verify abandonment and see what the websites listed above have for advice on abandonware,

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                    Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening Windows. ~Author Unknown

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