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      One Plus 3 (Android 8.0) and a cheap generic phone (with Android 7). I’m trying to get Antix recognize them as drives (in order totake off photos and files off of them). I know there’s a “curtain” popping on the phones that I need to switch modes (into “transfer files”) that doesn’t work.
      Phones not showing up MountBox on Antix either.
      Can anyone help me please? (been using my Xubuntu PC so far for the task)


        I haven’t done it for a long time, but I see a package called go-mtpfs that should be able to do it.
        I thought there was a gvfs-mtp but the mtp part (which is what you want) may be included in a gvfs bundle.
        Xubuntu uses systemd and it does things like this automatically, automounting of drives.

        Unless someone else answers with direct experience give this go-mtpfs a try.


          There’s also this thread where rokytnjy proposed to install gmtp, which gives a gui for smartphones.

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            I’m trying to get Antix recognize them as drives (in order totake off photos and files off of them).

            Difficulty with ‘phones is not limited to just antiX. If you are unable to find a way to get your particular ‘phones to work, you might like to take a look at Droopy which ships in antiX-Full. Its an alternative way to transfer files. It works with any device that includes a web browser (your ‘phone).

            Basic Steps
            • Start Droopy on your antiX box.
            It shows its connection address in its title bar.

            • Open your browser in your ‘phone and input the Droopy address.
            Start uploading your files from your ‘phone to your antiX box, or downloading them from your antiX box to your ‘phone.

            If you have large numbers of files to transfer put them all in a zip file and transfer only that file and unzip them after transfer is complete.

            • FAQ
            • Video

            The video is a little out of date because it was made in 2013 when Droopy was added to antiX. Setting it up has improved since then.
            • It is shipped in antiX-Full and is also available to install from the repos. It seems it has mistakenly been left out of the Package Installer in Control Centre.

            • The Public folder and droopy.conf file are now created automatically when Droopy is run (no need to do them manually).


              here is what I did (copied from my earlier thread):

              apt install jmtpfs

              1. plug in your phone
              2. open spacefm, type into the pathbar mtp:// and media files of the phone will show up.

              to make it a little more comfortable I added a menu-entry (if you prefer this as app-starter in icewm´s toolbar, it´s the same code)
              prog "Handy" /path/to/your/smartphone.png spacefm mtp://
              spacefm will open, showing all media files of the phone ready for file transfers.

              hope that will work for you too.

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                Should future antiX ship with jmtpfs on the iso?

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                  I think so, anti.
                  a lot of people today like to just plug in their devices via USB for easy file transfers like music or photos,
                  as I just did after coming home from crete a few days ago … I just love the greek islands 😉
                  jmtpfs will add much functionallity to antiX without taking noticeable disk space.

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                    I’ll include it for antiX buster.

                    Yes, Greece has some beautiful islands and great food!

                    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


                      Did as you suggested- now I see my phone- directories and files- however I can’t seem to move them into the laptop’s hard drive (tried do ‘drag & drop’ and ‘copy paste’ a file into the Dowloads, videos, and desktop directories and got:

                      ERROR: Permission denied

                      There was one error.


                        I can`t reproduce this permission-error on my system.

                        just to make sure: you want to copy the files from your phone to a folder of your home directory,
                        not to a folder outside of your /home/username (maybe a folder owned by root or on another mounted partition)?

                        check the permission of the folder where you want to copy your files (spacefm: rightclick the folder -> properties -> permissions)
                        you (name of logged-in user) should have read-write-execute permission.

                        now check the permissions of the files you want to copy from phone to laptop. the same user should have read-write permission.

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