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      Recently did a frugal install of antix 17 to the hard drive of a cheap Walmart HP laptop. I run antix on a couple of old computers. This one wouldn’t let anything install because of UEFI issues. Peppermint, Zorin, Antix17, Sparky either crashed or couldn’t find sda1. Using grub4dos installed antix17. Does great, has persistence, really fast. But I’m a nooby I guess. Do I need to somehow watch the persistence folder size? Sorry I’ve tried to research I little bewildered.

      Brian Masinick

        Folder size needed depends greatly on what you save with the persistent state.

        Text like this uses very little space.

        Movies and other forms of video sites consume a lot of space. Modern Web browsers use a lot of resources: CPU, memory, and disk space.

        Perhaps this will give you some ideas. 100 MB will store a web browser and a few files. 500 MB can store several apps or files. 1000, 2000 or more MB, (1,2, 3 GB) allow more…

        Brian Masinick

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