Antix 17 not advisble for very low end pcs !? Also: viewing video streams tip

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    Hi. I already shared some of this info on the old forum:
    I have a very low end netbook: a single core 1667 Mhz, 64 bits Intel CPU with 1 gig of shared memory (no video card RAM).
    For a couple of weeks I tested the live USB versions of Antix 16.2 and RC’s of Antix 17 (both 64 bits versions).
    And the 16.2 OS runs a lot more smoothly, and with a noticeable lower RAM usage. For example, on Antix 17, Firefox with a single open Tab eats about more 180-190 meg of RAM…

    I ended up installing the 16.2 OS and it runs great, low ram usage. I can have Firefox with 4 open tabs and Conky says I’m only using 617-618 meg of RAM.
    For my normal daily usage (3-4 open tabs, open LibreOffice Writer and SpaceFM), I have no problem with RAM usage or notice any slowness. It basicly runs almost like a brand new PC (without the option of having dozens of open browser tabs and a small delay opening the browser or the word processor)…

    Also, if you like watching video streams (youtube, etc), you can do it as long as the video quality is 480 or below. In youtube you can browse HD movies using the Streamlight application, for almost all other streaming sites my advice is using the ANT movie downloader Firefox plug-in to view high quality streams. It downloads video streams and you can use any video player (MPV runs great in my PC’s) to watch the video file while it downloads (or, of course after completing the download. My CPU maxs out watching a 720 HD video, so, if you want to watch a smooth full HD movie, you would better buy a newer pc or at least one with a dedicated video card to decode the video…).

    Someone said that this performance problems are due to Antix 17 being based on a newer Debian version… until someone shares a way of getting the same performance on 17. I’m sticking with my beloved 16.2.

    To the developers: thanks for this great distro!


    Unfortunately there are only a certain amount of features that the development team can add without losing features that are valuable to users of older equipment. This project has (and continues to) cater (catered) to users of systems dating back to i386 processors, but it has become increasingly difficult to sustain that support, given the upstream Debian dependencies. We already handle the differences raised when Debian chose to support systemd processes and we chose to stay with legacy SysV init processes, but there is a limit to what a relatively small team can do.

    On the more fortunate end of things, we continue to make a few of the older system images available for the cases in which some of the older systems are not supported by the latest Debian Stretch code.

    Thank you for recognizing the great work that the development and support team puts into this project. The testers, administrators, reviewers, and user community serves one another as best as each of us in the community is able to do with our own constraints of time and availability.

    Brian Masinick

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