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    This is for people using/testing antiX-19-b1.

    The default icon theme is papirus.
    We also ship with numix-square.

    This shows you how to switch to numix-square for all ‘desktops’ and control centre.

    Files that need changing

    as user:

    Simply copy the file name of numix-square to menu/toolbar/tray/.jwmrc depending on wm.
    Edit .icewm/preferences, .gtkrc-2.0.mine by changing papirus to numix-square

    as root: edit the following

    /usr/local/bin/ – and use the ICONS=antix-numix-square option
    /usr/local/lib/desktop-session/ – and use the ICONS=antiX-numix-square option
    root/.gtkrc-2.0.mine – changes as above for user

    Use lxappearence (Customize Look and Feel in menu and control centre) as user and root to change default icon theme to numix-square-antix.

    Do the same in rox-filer -> Options -Types -Icon theme – numix-square-antix (as root and user.

    Update-menu in the Menu

    Logout and login.

    Compare and contrast this theme with the papirus default, especially fluxbox users.

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