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    @ dev team: It seems that still (like in A2) trying to activate the firewall blocks all internet access?

    @ dev team: not any more “bugs” just some very small suggestions…

    I added, in JWM, a “feature”- I click the clock and a GUI calendar window pops up. Hey, if I add a text file with dates and events and add a button to “yad –calendar” to open the date text file in the default text editor, it also acts as a kind of very simple agenda/events calendar (without, unfortunatetly, any alarm function- you just click the day and see the scheduled events).


    Could you send me your changes so I can add this to jwm

    Also, the “yad –icons –read-dir=/usr/share/applications –fullscreen –sort-by-name –undecorated –single-click –skip-taskbar” is awesome.

    Sure thing, Anti, with a smile in my face! Here it goes:
    In the .jmwrc file, my Clock section looks like this:

    <!– CLOCK –>
    <!– Additional Clock attributes: format, height, width, zone –>
    <Clock format=”%H:%M”>
    <Button mask=”123″>exec:yad –calendar –width=400 –no-buttons –title=Calendar –mouse</Button></>

    There’s all it takes… Since my scripting is lowsy, I’m trying to find the right way to add a button to edit a date text file, and I still have only one line of script…

    And yes, I love the option to see all the available applications… Maybe adding the icons yad script to the start or the end of the “Applications” menu as something like “All applications” would put it to a good use?



    Nice discovery PPC!

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    PPC – that doesn’t work for me. Clicking on the time in jwm tray opens the menu.

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    anticapitalista, I have it hooked to calcurse in preferences which is already loaded by default anyway, and brings up a nice calendar and todo list. This is the syntax for IceWM, of course.

    # Command to run on clock calcurse in default install
    ClockCommand=”desktop-defaults-run -t calcurse”

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    Thanks BobC. For consistency across desktops we should stick to one calendar. I don’t mind which.

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    Here is what it looks like if I click the clock…


    there’s still no good reason against having a ‘simpler’ 32-bit version and a ‘more sophisticated’ 64-bit version.

    After having expended much effort (in the “antix-contribs” topic) toward elucidating the time-consuming and exacting workflow required to bring changes to a (one) package to fruition, I’m disappointed to now read such a “mired in ignorance” declaration from you.

    Regardless whether we’re able to have a conversation or are each just bent on “talking past each other”, we should not further pollute this “betatesting” topic.
    We can continue here: topic/inconvenient-truths-plural-pluralism-plurality/


    Both 32 and 64 bit running very well from Live-USBs in Atom N270 and Intel core 2 respectively.
    Connman running superbly – connects to my wifi in a breeze and memorizes the connection on reboot; no frills at all.

    Just something on localization. The lower part of the menu (from ‘Logout’ to ‘Run…’) keeps untranslated. It seems it comes from a different source from the rest of the menu (it comes directly from SpaceFM, it seems), so I’ve translated SpaceFM quite a while ago. Still not translated, that part of the menu, though.


    PPC – that doesn’t work for me. Clicking on the time in jwm tray opens the menu.

    Sorry for that, anti.
    For some reason, you need to add something more to the jwm configuration files. I took the liberty of writing a “tray” file that I tested on live antiX 19A1 and it works perfectly (If anyone else wants to test this: just delete all that’s in your jwm “tray” file, and paste the contents of the attached file there, save, restart JWM and it should work).
    I added some additional changes that you can revert, of course:
    -The menu now reads “Menu” and not “antiX”- so it’s more homogeneous with IceWM menu (highly optional).
    – I added quick launch icons to the file manager and internet browser (optional).
    – Clicking the clock now for sure makes the calendar window pop up (the change that you, in fact, requested)
    – there’s a log out icon to the right of the clock (highly optional)

    You can change the root menu text back to “antiX” and simply delete the lines refering to the quick launch icons I added…

    P.S.- sorry for not having tested the “clock” code I sent you- it works in my system, but I have almost all JWM configurations in a single .jmwrc file.


    EDIT: for security reasons, the forum didn’t let me attach the file, so there are it’s contents:
    EDIT2: I fixed the quickstart icons for File Manager and Internet Browser (I pasted the wrong contents below, initially)…

    <!-- Additional tray attributes: autohide, width, border, layer, layout, valign -->
    <Tray x="0" y="-1" height="28" layer="above" valign="bottom">
       <!-- Additional TrayButton attributes: label, icon, popup -->
       <TrayButton label=" Menu  ">root:1</TrayButton>
       <TrayButton label="" icon="/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/drive-removable-media-usb.png" popup="Unplug Removable Device">exec:</TrayButton>
        <TrayButton label="" icon="/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/file-manager.png">exec: desktop-defaults-run -fm</TrayButton>
        <TrayButton label="" icon="/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/web-browser.png">exec: desktop-defaults-run -b</TrayButton>
       <!-- Additional TaskList attribute: maxwidth -->
       <TaskList maxwidth="125"/>
       <!-- Additional Pager attributes; width, height -->
       <!-- Additional Dock attribute: none -->
       <!-- Additional Swallow attribute: height, width -->
       <!-- <Swallow name="xload" height="28" width="30"> xload -update 2 -jumpscroll 1 -nolabel -bg black -fg green -hl black </Swallow> -->
      <!-- CLOCK -->
       <!-- Additional Clock attributes: format, height, width, zone -->
    		<Clock format="%H:%M">
    		<Button mask="123">exec:yad --calendar --width=400 --no-buttons  --title=Calendar --mouse</Button></>
    	<!-- TRAY BUTTONS - icons to the right of the clock- Exit-->
    	<TrayButton label="" popup="Exit Session" icon="/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/32x32/apps/xfsm-logout.png">exec:desktop-session-exit</TrayButton>
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    It’s always a good sign when users start commenting about the menus and icons- it means all the “important” stuff is already taken car of, or at the least all the bugs have been reported.
    Probably I won’t have much time in the next weeks to comment on and test antiX 19, so here are some thoughts, over several not very important things:

    “Set-screen-blanking” should be a bit more advertized. I saw a review of a very recent distro, where the reviewer thought it was really cool to have a similar option to turn on/off screen blanking -usefull when watching movies, etc- available on the task bar. I’ve been using antiX for about 2 years and never noticed that cool litle app…
    Also it’s control centre icon is ambiguos, with the locket simbol, because it only blanks the screen, does not lock it…

    On the default IceWM and JWM color scheme with gray background, on my screens the Editor/Leafpad icon only shows the red ball with the pencil, the white page cannot be seen and the same goes to the document viewer icon… they both look great on the dark background I use.

    Gcolor2 is included, but the script “yad –color” does almost the same thing, so it’s redundant?…

    Also: some suggested “changes” to the menu (partially repeating some posts, sorry for that) –

    – App killer is redundant here
    – run is redundant here
    – Desktops is also redundant here
    – Rxvt terminal is here, but Rox terminal is not…

    2- Internet
    – It’s great, but does anyone use, or even realize the search bar is there? Very cool side note: notice the antiX logo, the last available icon there. Isn’t it begging to be used as a start menu icon?

    3- System tools and preferences…
    – Way more options than in antiX 17.X… maybe sub-devide by categories (ex: iso mount stuff) and remove very uncommon options?
    – I don’t really get reasoning for the way applications are divided between System Tools and Preferences. I never really did get it, I had that problem on other OS’s too. I used to look in one and then the other… I know many users already know where to go on the menu so start a certain application, but mixing both categories and organizing them better (ex: hardware, software, etc) would minimize the clutter… Unfortunately I have no good idea how to do that…
    – System Tools menu
    There’s “dfh” there, but it does not start from the menu, only from a terminal
    – Control Centre is redundant here

    Like I said, some very minor comments only to what will be the best antiX version ever…


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    With boot options, I still haven’t tested what “wicd” and “nowicd” options do.

    They do nothing. We should have removed them. Were you booting via UEFI so the selection was in a text menu?

    Yes via the text menus for myself. At the moment it seems it would be good to keep but rename the options due to the talk about ceni/conman conflicting with each other.

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    BTW2: Anyone know why rox-panel now opens under spacefm desktop and even better does anyone know a fix?

    My *guess* is that the gtk window generation of one (or both) of the items does not have a proper “layer” specified with GTK_TYPE_WINDOW.
    Either spacefm does not declare GTK_TYPE_WINDOW = desktop or rox is not utilizing GTK_TYPE_WINDOW = panel so they are on differing and incorrect layers…
    This is assuming that the layer problem is happening in all instances of space-* desktop and not just one (example space-fluxbox) and is not a window manger quirk / outdated layering support)

    Edit: Just tried pcmanfm –desktop and xfdesktop; both are layered over rox panel with the inability to bring the panel to the top.
    Also to note: windows are capable of maximizing over the rox panel. Being several differing programs have the same issue with rox panel I would lean toward rox not having a “panel layer” declaration.

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    Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening Windows. ~Author Unknown

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    I found a fix for rox-panel

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.

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    Changing the font size via the Control Centre does not repopulate the CC window correctly. Closing the CC then reopening it via the main menu repopulates it as expected.


    I am trying to trim the 32 bit version down to fit on a CD as my older machines are pre-USB 1.1 and don’t have DVD drives. I removed a lot of stuff I don’t use, but only got down to 811 mb. I removed more things like CUPS and all the printer drivers except HP and Brother, and PPP and all the spelling and word processing stuff possible, but its still too big. The only thing left to remove is the new icons at this point, as it looks like they take up a lot of space, but are hard coded on the icewm menus, so I’m trying to keep them or the menus look bad.

    PS: 779,264k so it won’t fit.

    I removed anything I could, even deleting all the FTP, PPP, Chat, Bittorrent, Games, Math, IceWM themes and FluxBox and Herb, but still was too high, so now have removed the papiryus icons and trying again.

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