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    BobC –

    I don’t use shortcuts and likely won’t be anytime soon. Normally the HP keypad is covered up to ease the switch from ThinkPad to HP keyboard.

    The obvious logic/correlation did not occur to me until you posted the 2nd picture – was just focused in linear thinking mode, testing the keys as functional or not.

    key “Super+Ctrl+KP_Begin” # 5-Center window [Works – also re-sizes/re-shapes window]

    key “Print” [works]

    Trying to test these – how are these XF86 keys accessed physically – Fn keys?:

    (Attachment of HP keyboard picture – maybe don’t have these keys?) Note – picture not complete attachment lopped it…
    key “XF86AudioLowerVolume” amixer sset Master 5%-
    key “XF86AudioRaiseVolume” amixer sset Master 5%+
    key “XF86AudioMute” amixer sset Master toggle
    key “XF86AudioPlay” xmms –play-pause
    key “XF86AudioStop” xmms –stop
    key “XF86AudioPrev” xmms –rew
    key “XF86AudioNext” xmms –fwd
    key “XF86AudioRecord” simplescreenrecorder
    key “XF86HomePage” desktop-defaults-run -b –new-window
    key “XF86Search” desktop-defaults-run -b
    key “XF86Eject”
    key “XF86Calculator” /bin/sh -c “galculator || gnome-calculator || xcalc || ( type bc >/dev/null 2>&1 && xterm -e bc -l)”
    key “XF86Mail”

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    That’s why its nice to have the keys that are marked do what you would expect them to. Anyway, I did try to make them work!

    So press and hold the Fn key at the same time as the Lower Volume key F8 or Raise Volume key F9 while playing a video, and see if it works. I suspect your Mute button (top right not in pic) might work now too. Wifi key should work, brightness might.



    The keys I have, do what they are supposed to do. No “Mute” or “Wifi” buttons on HP or ThinkPad.

    Volume up and down work on both HP and ThinkPad. Screen Brightness works on ThinkPad, but not on HP.

    Print key also functions as expected – brings up antiXscreenshot.

    Thank you for all of your contributions in antiX – especially in the forums!


    Maybe the HP manual picture for the model you gave isn’t showing the same keyboard as your machine, I can’t tell without a pic of the entire area including any buttons above the keyboard etc.

    The brightness keys on the HP might be fixed by selecting a different keyboard layout.



    I have installed antiX Beta 3 and am finding the same issues that I reported in Beta 2 IceWM:

    ** Rox Filer – Home folder imported text documents [hundreds of them] appearing as “executable files” and do not open unless right-clicked dropdown and file selected.

    In SpaceFM, they appear as executable, yet open normally.

    ** Custom wallpaper can not be selected. Conky background still shows it, but not the rest of the desktop. Tried both .png and .jpg – same result. Fails with a notification box saying it cannot locate the file:

    “Error loading backdrop image:
    Failed to open file””.No such file or directory
    Backdrop removed.”

    Same result whether the file is in “home folder/pictures”, or “usr/share/wallpaper”.
    It might be that any files imported that are not there by default, cannot be accessed through settings, by Rox Filer.

    Is there a current fix for either of these, and if not, would it possibly be resolved in the upgrade?



    Hopefully, these don’t get cut off.

    [Disregard 2nd picture – it was cut at the top and could not find a way to delete it.]

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    Found that the T450s ThinkPad has “WiFi” & “Mute” keys – they both work. Brightness keys do not work on this one or HP, but do on the ThinkPad T60p.

    Maybe graphics driver needs to be proprietary on HP and T450s.


    Ok, here is a pic from the hp user manual. Do you see the mute button up top on the right?

    Maybe yours is different. If so you will need to figure out a workaround.

    Sorry I can’t help with the other issues



    You are right!

    The WiFi and Mute work perfectly.

    The manual calls them “lights” and I thought they were just indicators. Was looking at the tiny half-size Fn keys. Rarely ever use this laptop.
    n menu.

    The WiFi shortcut will be extremely useful on the T450s and HP because they don’t have switches on the outer case like the older ThinkPads. So thanks!

    Did you see how your picture was huge and lopped off – did not include the buttons?

    Sorry I can’t help with the other issues

    Did not realize there was a new section for B3 – posted it there.

    The new “preferences” option in the main menu (which is a very nice addition) – is that just informational or are settings supposed to be able to be changed from there?


    If you left click the pic in the post, it will open up the whole picture and you can see the button/lights


    Thank you!!

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