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    I have made a clean install of antiX 19, wishing to try it out before going to it from antiX 17. Now, I mostly liked it, it is fast, nice, functional etc, but I have to mention some minor issues, which will keep me from using it in place of antiX 17.
    1. Use of connman. The issue I had was solved with the help of anticapitalista, but it was not needed. I think ceni is simpler and worked always. Connman doesn’t cooperate with VPN well. Ceni is what I’m using now, having removed connman (actually making the init.d script non-executable and deselecting the service from the various init’s (2 3 4 5).
    2. Cannot install opera browser, due to a conflict, maybe this will be possible in the future. Maybe that’s why opera is not included in the package installer in control center.
    3. I had installed wine staging in antiX 17 (and use it), but it cannot be installed in antiX 19. Wine 4.02 (not staging) works fine though.

    On another point, I tried upgrading antiX 17 –> 19, using the relevant pinned post, and it ended in step where “libpam-elogind-compat΅ had to be installed, this could not proceed further, because a dependency was not going to be installed (I can’t remember now, because I reverted without taking notice, maybe libpam-compat or something with compat in the name). Fortunately I could revert by “undoing” the changes and reinstalling the purged packages after reverting to stretch in the apt lists. Of course I had taken my precautions and had applied the upgrade path to a clone of my antiX 17 installation on another partition of my HD, not to my working antiX 17 installation 🙂 .

    I posted hoping this might be useful to some.


    Others have posted to bemoan connman. Search the forum for “connman” ~~ IIRC, the process for accomplishing changeover (changeback) to ceni has been posted & is quick//simple.

    2) does mention (list) several package dependencies ~~ you would need to install those prior to attempting installation of the opera debfile. Another alternative: websearch “opera browser appimage” and discover that you can (almost certainly) successfully install & use an appimage-packaged Opera

    3) I’m not a wine user. Maybe the following is a newly-introduced wrinkle?

    excerpt from

    The wine-devel and wine-staging packages for Debian 10 and later require libfaudio0 as a dependency. Since the distro does not provide it for Debian 10, users of that version can download libfaudio0 packages from the OBS. See for details


    Thank you skidoo for your informative reply and sorry for the delayed reply on my behalf.

    1. I’ve already reverted to ceni (following anticapitalista’s directions), and everything works as it should. I had already searched for “connman”, but there were just two results, which were the announcements of antix 19 & antix 19beta, which of course included the keyword. I didn’t know that others feel like I do. 🙂

    2. I’not in antix right now, but as far as I can remember, when I tried to install Opera, gdebi said that some packages were missing, and maybe that they could not be installed. I remember I had to uninstall some packages, which I’m afraid would break the system if uninstalled. That was gdebi’s suggestion. I’ll repeat the effort, to find out precicely, maybe then I’ll come back here for questions. I’d prefer not to use an AppImage package due to presumably big size, but it is an option as well. In the meantime I’ve found out that firefox-esr works pretty well (I could say it works better than the normal firefox). But I prefer Opera.

    3. Yes, they require libfaudio0 and another libfaudio0 package as dependency, “…but it is not going to be installed”. Thank you for the OBS info, I’ll look into this


    I had already searched for “connman”, but there were just two results, which were the announcements of antix 19 & antix 19beta, which of course included the keyword.

    That sounds to me like you used the search with the magnifying glass on top of the website.
    This search only looks for results on the homepage.

    The correct search for this forum is on the right side in the field under “Search Forums”.

    when I tried to install Opera, gdebi said that some packages were missing, and maybe that they could not be installed. I remember I had to uninstall some packages, which I’m afraid would break the system if uninstalled. That was gdebi’s suggestion

    This is true. Indeed gdebi wants to remove a lot of (60) packages, for example eudev.

    Despite all this I have just been able to install opera on antiX19 without any problems from terminal with

    sudo dpkg -i opera-stable_65.0.3467.38_amd64.deb

    Nothing was removed that way. Opera runs fine.

    These are the depencies might missing, on my system they were already installed.

    sudo apt-get install  libc6  libfontconfig1  libfreetype6  libgcc1  libglib2.0-0  libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0  libgstreamer1.0-0  libice6  libsm6  libstdc++6  libx11-6  libxext6  libxft2  libxml2  libxrender1  libxt6  zlib1g  gstreamer1.0-plugins-good  libxft2  libxrender1  debconf 

    Thanks caprea for the prompt reply, and for the more than useful tips and info.

    1. There are two magnifying glasses, one beside my account icon and the other in the same line with the menu, right beneath. Then there is a drop down list for “forum” menu item at the left, and there is a “search forum” item. I suppose you mean this last one.

    2. Indeed, when I saw “eudev” among the packages to be uninstalled, I decided not to install. So, I’ll try your suggestions and use the dependencies you mention, if needed to install from commandline via apt.


    1.Search Forum on the left drop down is also very useful.Direct and fast way, works smoothly here.


    OK, I got it, it’s not in the message’s page, but on the forum page. Thanks again.


    The house I am living in has a very good wifi box hooked up to Hughes satellite dish. It is set up with a ssid name, and NO ENCRYPTION, because the house is 15 miles from the nearest town, and therefore is not needed. MX-19, and every other distro I’ve tried it with finds it and connects with alacrity. AntiX 18.4.1 works great with it using ceni.
    AntiX 19’s connman is f*****g worthless, useless as tits on a boar hog. I have tried everything, including trying to set it up from the command line (connmanctl). The gui accepts the ssid (DarkCloud2 to be exact) but essentially demands a passphrase, which is nonexistent. I am truly sorry, but divestiture of ceni and wicd are deal breakers. Breaks my heart, and pisses me off at the same time.
    Anticapitalista’s suggestion is not useful in my case, as wired is at present unavailable (in order to download ceni–it’s not my wifi box, and access to it is unavailable). The bottom line is, unless I attempt to remake a core iso into a full or base, something I do not know how to do, and am not anxious to learn for a consarned netbook, I HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS WITH GD CONNMAN.
    Why in the name of all that’s holy couldn’t you have left ceni in the base version at least, and circular-filed connman? Alternatively, any possibility of fielding a special base version with ceni instead of connman? Because, at the moment, if I want to use antiX19, given my present skill set, I’m dead in the water.

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    @ azrielle – The real issue is not whether antiX-19 full/base ships with ceni and/or wicd, but that connman isn’t working for you when it should be.
    How about starting a thread on that? Give details of what you have done.(either here at antiX or over at MX forums if you prefer)

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