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    Ok, I made a thread with the s6/66 replacement of sysvinit/runit

    It works, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it.
    Does it work with a live image, I don’t have much experience with creating a live image of a system, so I am reluctant to say it does or doesn’t. If it does work than runit can also work alone, I think.

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    No problems with shutdown or reboot here.
    My media folder has all drives listed in thunar. If this is what you mean ?

    One thing with repos on installing antiX. buster main non-free < this never works for me Ever. buster main non-free < changing to this works just fine I have to change this with all versions of antiX. I add the non-free.

      A bit of trivia

    . Works with runit
    With conky this line for mpd which lists the playing song = ${if_mpd_playing}${mpd_smart 50} ${mpd_elapsed} / ${mpd_length}${else}${mpd_status}${endif}
    This part of the code stopped working ${mpd_elapsed} / ${mpd_length} the time would never display on antiX 19 had something to do with (dbus) I changed the code many times made no difference.

    Also same old
    My scanner is only found using sudo simple-scanner not normal user. Phones still are not found in thunar (moto g5 nor work phone galaxy note 10)

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    T430 i7-3632QM 16gb , antiX-19.2.1-runit_x64-base Hannie Schaft 29 March 2020 , 5.8.16-antix.1-amd64-smp

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