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      antiX-21 (Grup_Yorum) is based on Debian Bullseye and is fully systemd-free.

      As usual we offer the following systemd-free flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture, running sysVinit or runit. The 32 bit versions use a non-pae kernel.

      antiX-full (c1.4GB) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm plus full libreoffice suite. x64 versions come with 2 kernels. Legacy 4.9 and Modern 5.10

      antiX-base (<<800MB – fits on 800MB cd) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm.

      antiX-core (c440MB) – no X, cli-installer without encryption, but should support most wireless.

      antiX-net (c180MB)- no X, cli-installer without encryption. Just enough to get you connected (wired) and ready to build. For experts.

      Note 1: runit editions now set up in a similar way to Void/Artix.
      Users should be prepared to familiarize themselves with how runit services work

      Note 2: After installation of antiX-21_x64-full editions, the default kernel will be the Modern 5.10 one even if Legacy 4.9 was booted during the live boot.

      * Based on Debian 11 (Bullseye), but without systemd and libsystemd0.
      * eudev instead of udev
      * Customised 4.9.0-279 kernel with fbcondecor splash
      * Customised 5.10.57 kernel (x64 full only)
      * libreoffice 7.0.4-4
      * firefox-esr 78.14.0esr-1 on antiX-full
      * seamonkey on antiX-base
      * claws-mail 3.17.8-1
      * cups for printing
      * xmms -for audio
      * celluloid and mpv – for playing video
      * smtube – play youtube videos without a using a browser
      * streamlight-antix – stream videos with very low RAM usage.
      * qpdfview – pdf reader
      * arc-evopro2-theme-antix

      File managers and desktop:

      * zzzFM
      * rox-filer

      Convert your video and audio files with:

      * winff
      * asunder

      Connect to the net with:

      * connman
      * or gnome-ppp if you are still on dial-up


      * geany
      * leafpad
      * Midnight Commander

      Tools for remastering and creating snapshots of installed system:

      * iso-snapshot
      * remaster tools

      General tools:

      * bootrepair
      * codecs installer
      * Network Assistant
      * User Manager
      * ddm-mx – install nvidia drivers


      * hexchat – gui chat
      * luckybackup – excellent backup tool. There’s nothing lucky about it!
      * simple-scan – for scanning documents
      * transmission-gtk – torrent downloader
      * wingrid-antix – turn the stacking window managers into tilers.
      * Xfburn for burning cd/dvd
      * connectshares-antix for network shares
      * droopy-antix – an easy way to transfer files over the net.
      * mirage – image viewer
      * package-installer – install applications easily and safely
      * antiX Control Centre – an easy way to do just about anything!
      * streamtuner2 – listen to streaming radio
      * cherrytree – note taking application

      Why not try out our included ‘cli’ apps:

      * Editors: nano and vim-tiny
      * Newsreader: newsboat
      * Chat: irssi
      * Audio player: mocp
      * Radio: pmrp
      * Video player: mpv
      * Youtube video: ytfzf
      * Torrent: rtorrent
      * Cd burner: cdw
      * Writer: Wordgrinder


      * zzzFM replaces SpaceFM
      * slimski replaces Slim
      * ytfzf replaces mps-youtube
      * Login Manager
      * runit service manager (runit versions only)
      * App Select
      * IceWM Toolbar Icon Manager

      Cool in-house antiX apps available in the repos:

      * 1-to-1-voice-antix – Voice chat between two pcs via encrypted mumble
      * 1-to-1-assistance-antix – Remote access help application
      * ssh-conduit – Remote resouces via an ssh encypted connection

      Many thanks to all the contributors, supporters, and antiX enthusiasts.

      Special thanks to:

      * all alpha and beta testers
      * skidoo for slimski and zzzFM
      * forum members Masinick, ModdIt, skidoo, christophe, caprea, Xecure, olsztyn, PPC, BobC, sybok and anyone else I might have missed for helping out at the forums and/or writing scripts/apps for antiX
      * linuxdaddy for artwork
      * AK-47 for the impressive work on the installer’s extended features
      * fehlix for further improvements to our already wonderful antiX live system.
      * dave for tireless work keeping the antiX repos going and up to date
      * peregrine for all the work on the website
      * BitJam for developing the antiX live system and build system and making antiX what it is today
      * all translators. Special mention to marcelocripe, Wallon and Robin for rightly insisting on supporting localisation and putting it into practice
      * Kelly Sikkema ( for default wallpaper

      Download here


      anticapitalista, 31 October 2021, Thessaloniki

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      Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

      antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


        Many sincere, humble thanks for all your work, and the work of all who assist you in producing antiX.
        I think I have been anticipating this release more than any in the past. 😉

        confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019


          Many thanks for all the work everyone has put into this new edition, from testers to translators, from MX devs to antiX devs!
          And congratulations, anticapitalista, for another great release!

          antiX Live system enthusiast.
          General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


            Many thanks to all involved, extra for anticapitalista.


              Great work, thanks everybody.
              best os in the world just got better.

              -I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating... because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition-

              Fidel Castro


                I so much appreciate all the creative work that everyone has put into antiX.
                It is a gift to us all.

                Dell Latitude D620 laptop with antiX 22 (64 bit)


                  Today is a day for celebration. It is now official the launch of antiX 21.

                  Many thanks to all the people involved, for all their voluntary work, professionalism and commitment to make this possible.

                  United, we achieve everything, including a better world to live in.

                  (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese language)

                  – – – – –

                  Hoje é um dia de comemoração. Agora, é oficial o lançamento do antiX 21.

                  Muito obrigado a todas as pessoas envolvidas, por todo o seu trabalho voluntário, profissionalismo e empenho para que isso fosse possível.

                  Unidos, nós conseguimos tudo, inclusive um mundo melhor para se viver.

                  (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)


                    The best antiX ever, antiX21 runit rocks!
                    Thank you all contributors for the most significant advancement of antiX technology…
                    and ευχαριστώ αντικαπιταλιστα…

                    Just noticed: When I dumped the above Greek version of ‘thank you anticapitalista’ (ευχαριστώ αντικαπιταλιστα) into Google Translate, to translate back into English, Google decided to translate it as ‘thank you capitalist’!
                    Apparently Google decided that the prefix ‘anti’ must have been a sure mistake…

                    Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


                      Thanks everyone for great work on antiX-21. I downloaded both 32-bit and 64-bit runit core
                      to try out later tonight and tomorrow.
                      Btw olsztyn, the deepl translator gets it right back and forth.


                        Many thanks to anticapitalista & all involved.
                        I remember that a fresh re-installation of the OS was not always necessary for the new version to be installed. Running “update” & “dist-upgrade” was enough. This time, it’s not the case?


                          I just realized that runit version works better on VirtualBox than sysvinit version 😮

                          Runit for the win!

                          antiX Live system enthusiast.
                          General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


                            RTWH Aachen is set as default repo. Download gave 0 bytes after 10 minutes, Cologne was finished in less than 3.
                            To avoid frustrating new users be nice to have a change of default. The Aachen repo has been patchy for months.

                            Runit 64 Bit installed and mostly setup, autostarting applications just copied over from 19.4, had to change some versions otherwise works

                            First boot and login to 185 MB Ram, very low for this quad core i5. Customised desktop with standard background and while writing this
                            in ungoogled-chromium maxing at 545 MB that is with tor daemonised and running.
                            That Sir is a desaster for hardware sellers !.

                            RTWH Aachen is set as default repo. Download gave 0 bytes after 10 minutes, Cologne was finished in less than 3.
                            To avoid frustrating new users be better to change the default

                            Regarding google translate from English to german and back it is hair raising, occasionaly reads as if trained by goebbels in person.
                            My lady friend in Vietnam is also horrified by the results English or German to Vietnamese and back. She says for HK Chinese it is useless.

                            Linuxdaddy, Have also found deepl to be the best option for the languages I am really conversant with.


                              Using Package installer, may be repo related but needs checking as will frustrate users
                              and feed trolls/testers..

                              failed to install Palemoon SSE, Ungoogled Chromium, Tor
                              Tor browser Launcher.

                              Latest LO installed, latest is 7.2.2 and has a lot of improvement,
                              Taken from LO Org. Available in Bookworm and SID.
                              Latest Gimp installed 2.10.22 latest is 2.10.28.
                              Available in Bookworm and SID

                              Be nice to have Claws Mail Vers 4 made available, it has a lot of squashed bugs and
                              translation updates as well as some improvements.

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                              Forum Admin

                                Package installer didn’t get much testing so I’m not surprised some apps fail to install.
                                At least we can update it.
                                Shame about the RTWH Aachen repo – it used to be very reliable (pre-Covid).

                                Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                                antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.

                                Hugo Carvalho

                                  Congratulations anticapitalista, team and all involved.
                                  As a Portuguese(Portugal) translator I continue to support this project by keeping it (me and zeh) always 100% translated.
                                  Have a nice day????

                                  Lost in translation

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