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      Just inspired to test how to make a respin I made a remaster which is JWM Desktop only and Caja is a filemanager. Some bugs or features are in the this remaster too (pipewire, volumeicon, pixpuf cache with app-select … ?). Anyway it is working somehow. :D


        Hello @RJP,

        I downloaded your iso twice and did md5sum check twice.

        Both times,
        the md5sum check produced:

        $ md5sum '/home/jakersfan/Downloads/nobodyOS RC3.iso' 
        c3fc1e746d76b711121f77951c447e5b  /home/jakersfan/Downloads/nobodyOS RC3.iso

        But your md5sum that you linked wanted:

        17aabc72a63919098cd4b8b2a9a5d36f  nobodyOS RC3.iso

        Can you please let us know which is the correct one?


          Obviously RC3 ISO is corrupted in the server. MD5SUM should be 17aabc72a63919098cd4b8b2a9a5d36f

          RC2 seems to be ok.

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            Hello @RJP,

            I got you RC2 working good.

            It is good to see how others are setting up their system and preferences different from me. To sample different variety. To get different ideas.

            I made a copy of your .conkyrc to study how you set up your colors. I like that CPU usage color.

            Good job.


              I did a test of the Otto browser of this @RJP nobodyOS respin by posting on the antiX forum.

              Very good.


              I noticed something regarding the conky. Sometimes the colors go bold and bright, then it comes back to not bold and bright. Is this expected behavior?


                I did some more looking at @RJP conky in their respin.

                It got me thinking about what information is important to me in my conky.

                @RJP had the kernel version at the very top.

                I also place great importance in the kernel information, but I never had it in my own conky.

                Then I thought about other information that I use all the time that is not in my conky.

                I use many different debian versions, from debian 8 all the way to sid.

                I also use chrome, and browsers update all the time.

                So I decided to incorporate all this information in my own personal conky.

                I would not have done this without trying @RJP respin.

                This is the importance of being open to other ideas on the forum.

                This is a part of my conky that I incorporated:

                ${time %c}
                debian ${exec cat /etc/debian_version}
                chrome ${exec cat ~/.config/google-chrome/Last\ Version}
                uptime: $uptime
                desktop: ${exec disp=${DISPLAY#:}; disp=${disp%.[0-9]}; cat $HOME/.desktop-session/desktop-code.$disp 2>/dev/null}
                res:${alignr}${execi 60 xdpyinfo | sed -n -r "s/^\s*dimensions:.*\s([0-9]+x[0-9]+).*/\1/p"}
                ${color}Init:${alignr}${execi 60}
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