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      So, you get a dark window decoration on your custom theme, and if I am reporting that the default theme (just after boot) results in a light one, I am “obviously” wrong…sure…a bit of an overly aggressive response, but okay…

      Hello @fladd

      Wasn’t meant to sound aggressive at all. And more than that: It was not meant aggressively. Probably I still don’t have the right feeling in foreign language how something I say is perceived on second level. What I wanted to express is: If I’m not mistaken, antiX default theme is a light one, which you can see coming up when booting in Live mode. And then the archive manager has (at least for me, maybe other people see something different) a light surface. When changing desktop theme to dark (that’s what what I did) the archive manager comes up with a dark surface also. So where is the problem? I simply don’t understand.
      Desktop has light theme → Archive manager comes up with a light surface also.
      Desktop has dark theme → Archive manager comes up with a dark surface also.
      This testing result made me believe and say, you are obviously wrong when saying archive manager wouldn’t respect dark themes.

      Btw, I can’t see for some reason what you state here:

      … (light) style that does not follow a user’s theme (and is not even in line with the default Antix theme either, which is dark!).

      Is the antiX default theme actually a dark one for you? Which flavour are you running? I’m running the full runit versions, and here I see a bright theme as default, in 32 and 64 bit both. This hasn’t changed since antiX 17, if I’m not mistaken. All the former antiXs had a light theme for me as default. And then, the archive manager follows perfectly the dark/light state of themes. It just has a borderless design. And concerning this I say: so what? Other (even antiX inhouse tools) also come up borderless meanwhile.

      the “Extract” button, for instance, is a label (so not a button at all!) in the main window at the top left (in the title bar actually!) for some reason, instead of in a menu(bar), where actions have been since 30 years.

      Well, I can foresee you won’t be happy with the new antiX samba mounter in antiX 23.1… It doesn’t have a button for mounting a share at all. There is just a tooltip, explaining you should double click the share you want to mount in the displayed list :)

      And then, there are not that confusing much elements in the gui of this archive manager you could miss the extract button at top left. It turns to a true button as soon you come near it with your mouse. Btw, a a right click on a list item you want to have extracted presents you a context menu with some more options, among them also the extract command. And then again, double clicking a list entry extracts and opens it immediately. I have the impression the devs of this tool made it really hard to miss in their GUI how to extract something. Besides, maybe, that they moved the button from bottem right to top left. Really a problem? But still then, it is labeled properly…

      Every time I open an archive on Antix it throws me off and I have to search around for how to actually continue.

      Hmm. Don’t know what to think or say. antiX expects a certain degree of flexibility from users. That’s design. Notre tête est ronde pour permettre à la pensée de changer de direction. (A citation taken from Francis Picabia, La pomme de pins, St. Raphael 25 février 1922, translates to something like: Our head has the shape of a ball, for the reason to allow your thinking can change the direction.)

      Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

      Brian Masinick

        @fladd I can also attest to @robin and his helpful attitude.
        It really IS difficult to accurately express ourselves, given
        the many cultures and languages that are used; in fact, many
        people use language translators to communicate much of the time.

        If there are inappropriate comments made, the admin and moderation
        team will deal with them; anything flagrant results in a removal
        from our forum.

        Again though, @robin is one of our wonderful contributors and we
        encourage the dialogue between the two of you; often others benefit
        from what they read, and your conversation is a very good one!

        Best wishes to both of you always!

        Brian Masinick


          I think maybe one of you is referring to the fact that icewm has a dark theme by default, and the other one is refering to the default gtk theme being light. AntiX uses lxappearance to set the gtk theme (but you can also just edit the gtk config file yourself). This is completely independent of the current icewm theme selected. Archive manager adheres to the gtk theme.

          As an additional fact, the gtk theme is also the “system theme” found as an option on chrome and firefox, and the websites of github and outlook mail online etc. Took me a while to figure that out.


            @Robin, thanks for clarifying, I appreciate that!
            Indeed, the IceWM theme for me is by default dark, with a dark window titlebar. The Gnome3 programmes in Antix do not adhere to this and show me a light window titlebar. The technical reason for this is that Gnome3 programmes use client-side window decorations and completely ignore the window manager. This makes them not integrate into the desktop per very definition, if the desktop is not Gnome3 (or GTK3-only). For this reason, I hence think that these Gnome-apps are not well suited for usage outside of Gnome.

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