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      antiX 23.1 x64 Full Trixie/Sid Privacy Respin

      iso size=2.16 Gb

      contains kernels:


      same as antiX 23.1 x64 Full with the following changes:

      0. upgraded to antiX Sid and Debian Unstable/Trixie
      1. no firefox-esr
      2. librewolf installed with ublock origin
      3. ungoogled chromium installed with ublock origin
      4. xterm installed
      5. different wallpaper
      6. default desktop = rox-icewm

      To make it easier for users:

      1. has librewolf launch icon in desktop
      2. has ungoogled chromium (it is labeled chrome) launch icon in desktop
      3. has librewolf update icon in desktop. If librewolf is already the latest version, then the script will simply do sudo apt update, then say that librewolf is already the latest version and then window closes.
      4. has ungoogled chromium update icon in desktop. This script will open librewolf to the website where the latest ungoogled chromium downloads are present. You then have to manually download, unzip, and use.

      username: antix
      password: antix

      Note: There is an error with the installer. It has something to do with setting the timezone. After install, as root, delete the incorrectly created /etc/localtime symlink and the incorrectly created /etc/timezone. I have created /etc/localtime_backup symlink and /etc/timezone_backup. For me I use America/Chicago for timezone and localtime. Please adjust accordingly for your specific timezone.
      Then as root copy /etc/localtime_backup to /etc/localtime and copy /etc/timezone_backup to /etc/timezone.

      Download here:

      Brian Masinick

        I’m back home; I’ll have to try this once I catch up on Email, forum posts, etc.

        Good to see that you’re keeping the spins coming! 🙂

        Brian Masinick

        Brian Masinick
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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