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    noClue – please don’t derail the thread.

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    I put AntiX full onto my (72 yo) sisters old XP computer, it’s a 32bit system, (P4 I think), came with 512MB ram, which I upgraded to 2GB.

    She doesn’t want to buy another new computer, & it took me a long time to persuade her to use Linux, but she’s getting used to it now; after 6 months! 🙂

    Would appreciate having a 32 bit version be kept available, even if it is only the full version.

    Linux (& BSD) since 1999

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    Here there is a variety of desktop, laptop, and netbook hardware, spanning approx 5 years old to approx 20 years old. They come from many different manufacturers ranging from tier 1 to unbranded.

    Kit supporting:
    • USB v 1 is usually run in conventional hard disk mode and exclusively 32Bit,
    • USB v 2 & USB v 3 is used in both hard disk and live modes, and mix 32Bit & 64Bit.

    Systems are often cleared down and rebuilt for testing purposes, both CLI and GUI.

    Providing the apps are carefully selected and purposed according to the capability of the hardware, and the OS is suitably fine tuned, acceptable performance is usually obtained.


    My d610 is a 32-bit only laptop see the shots posted in other posts for
    the inxi and specs but it is only used for certain things and hw/sw config
    is set in stone.
    But my out-take is less than 3gb ram use 32-bit 4gb or more use 64-bit os
    for mine unless for experiment/curiosity.

    "learn and use what you like and enjoy what works for your pcs."

    Anti wrote for eg and give details so ok.

    my 32-bit d610 and compaq laptops from the inxi and psmem posts are the ones I create the wallpapers
    on and sometimes forum post from and my 64-bit are for checking out new software or rendering
    complex fractal/video animations on.
    ie. my 32-bit are stretch with set software/use and my 64-bit test with buster/sid with new software.

    Linux = Many kinds, shapes, and sizes of computers to come
    together to create the ultimate cure for curiosity, boredom,
    creativity, and asylum. 🙂
    Whether new, used, young, or ancient.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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