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    Questions to antiX team:

    1. Current search for bootloaders (antiX Live) upon ‘Switch to Grub Bootloader’ > Boot Rescue Menus provides:
    – Find GRUB bootloaders
    – Find GRUB menus
    – Find Windows bootloaders

    How can I add similar capability to find Syslinux bootloaders? With the current limitation my Syslinux (not GRUB) based partitions are being considered in the above menu, so not able to find them and boot into them. Not that I do not know where they are and not that I am not able to boot them another way, but it would be great to recognize them in the above search menu.

    2. What is the significance of ‘Find Grub menus’ over ‘Find Grub bootloaders? If there is no advantage of this entry then where is the config that would allow me to remove this menu entry?

    3. Is there a way that upon selecting ‘Switch to GRUB bootloader’ on the main screen the actual ‘Boot Rescue Menus’ would start, rather than GRUB menu that includes ‘Boot Rescue Menus’ as the last entry?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated…
    Thanks and Regards…

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