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    antiX-bullseye-a1-x64-bullseye-full is an alpha quality release for experienced testers of antiX to test and provide feedback.
    Do not use this as your main OS.

    Get it here:

    Some basic details:

    * 4.9.240 kernel
    * light look as default
    * various antiX user scripts included (some modified by me) that need testing eg BobC’s autoscale-antix script which is ‘on’ by default, which checks for hd screens. SamK’s network-check-antix script also enabled OOTB and this detects the existence of a network or not.
    * the usual apps

    Please don’t only focus on aesthetics and/or documentation changes. I will note any such comments and make the changes (eventually).
    Usually they are the last things that get fixed.
    This is an alpha build after all.
    Please state if you are testing live, frugal, in a virtual machine or on bare metal.
    The road is long.


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    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    Thanks, anticapitalista. I will start tomorrow afternoon testing and trying to report any strange behavior.


    I got it downloaded and running from flashdrive on the Dell D620. My wifi didn’t connect (because it has a BCM4311 that needs a driver), but cmst came up and had wifi turned on. After install the screen came up again and wifi worked. That’s a good improvement.


    About antiX

    the specs seem outdated




    and does the user really need to know that it is possible to specify FRACTIONS OF A SECOND ?



    plenty of unused space

    Can we gather a few other useful kernel boot options to suggest here ?



    You can only may select one of these. If you want more than one, you can type them manually at the boot line…

    Slightly revised (shorter) verbiage would reclaim the wraparound line consumed by the tailend word “install”

    Because the entry names are not alphebetized (and I am not proposing that they should be),
    the user has no hint that additional content is available by scrolling down.
    Certainly some user will navigate away via BackButton without encountering the additional content.

    ISTM can free another line by revising to avoid wordwrap here:
    vcard=on … Detect hybrid graphics then disable the non-Intel video drivers
    vcard=on … Detect hybrid graphics + disable non-Intel video drivers

    ALso, can gain back a line here:
    nousb2 … Disable all usb-2 devices. This helps a few older systems boot.
    nousb2 … Disable all usb2 devices (helps some older systems boot)

    Here, we probably cannot gain back a line, but can make better use of the second line
    savestate … Save some files across reboots eg alsa sound, networking (LiveUSB only)
    savestate … (LiveUSB only) retain alsa sound settings, network settings, across reboots (separate from, does not depend on ‘persistence’)

    My proposal is to insert a line providing additional navigation, (More…) or (Page2)
    and present the content on 2 separate, interlinked, pages



    v— By the way, yes, I did notice this content tucked away elsewhere.


    @rayluo can certain offer useful suggestions toward better utilizing this space

    Two lines currently unused, so plenty of opportunity to expand the wordwrapped descriptions

    Save root in RAM…
    ^— stating rootfs instead
    wherever doing so will not cause a line to wordwrap
    and especially on this first line
    would go a long way toward reducing potential user confusion.


    potential user confusion
    potential user confusion
    ^—> overhead from an overwhelmed potential user during a test drive: “aw, too confusing! bye


    allows —> enables
    I wish the word “allows” could be stricken from documentation everywhere.

    On full and base systems, there are a number of desktop programs (window managers) available. The F6 menu allows you to choose which desktop program to use.
    antiX Full + Base editions provide several desktop programs (window managers). Via F6 menu you choose which desktop program to use.

    That gains back a wordwrapped line and, yes, I propose dropping can (can choose). Using F6 definitely will choose, does choose



    user wonders:
    Will it also save the custom parameters I have typed in the boot line entrybox?

    Plenty of space still available on this page.
    Further expansion of these descriptions would be appreciated.


    Tested in virtualbox, antiX17 host {— so just ignore this post unless others report similar

    Until I selected “video safe mode”, I just wound up with a black screen instead of graphical desktop.
    Using video safe mode, the preconfigured autologin brought me to a rox-icewm session
    but across several reboot attempts, the mouse was ignored, or unusably laggy, and “something” spiked the CPU usage (race cndition?)

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    I added some more information to the first post.

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    I didn’t have much time to check it out, but this is what I see so far.

    NEW Programs and important packages (compared to antiX 19.3 full):

    artwork21-antix – Replaces artwork19-antix for antix related artwork
    flags-common – Now brings all country flags
    icewm-themes-antix – (I think this ) replaces icewm-base-themes-antix
    system-keyboard-qt – Replaces fskbsetting (for setting keyboard layout)
    xarchiver – Replaces file-roller for manage archive (compressed) files

    GONE programs no longer there (compared to antiX 19.3 full):

    add-start-antix – helper gui to add startup commands to WM’s startup file
    apt-notifier – Notify for updates and install them
    bittorrent – p2p torrent client
    file-roller – previous archive (compressed) files handler
    fskbsetting – previous keyboard layer selector
    gufw-legacy – GUI for setting up the firewall (firewall is still installed, but no gui)
    gweled – just a game clone of bejeweled
    lxkeymap – Session keyboard layout selector
    ndisgtk – Supported Windows wireless drivers (no longer included)
    ndiswrapper-dkms – for building windows wireless drivers on new kernels
    packageinstaller-pkglist (now separated into 2 lists)
    umts-panel2 – For connecting to 3G/4G mobile networks

    Other notes (still to be processed):
    still using spacefm (gtk2) instead of spacefm-gtk3 version
    still using roxterm-gtk2 instead of the GTK3 version

    Updated programs (list still to be compiled):
    repo-manager (uses flags-common)
    add-key-antix (updated to use python 3)
    app-select (update to gtk3 and python3, now also includes a plugin function)
    desktop-session-antix (many changes, including update of desktop-menu script to generate the Applications menu updated to python3).
    wallpaper-antix (many more options, updated to python3 and gtk3)

    New antix artwork
    New slim theme
    New icewm theme (antiX-Magic, in 4 sizes)

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    First bug report (pretty important, I think).

    New keyboard program system-keyboard-qt (and its dependency flags-common) will be removed from the system if antix-installer is uninstalled. It needs to be included in the list of installed packages fro base/full.

    Forum Admin

    @skidoo – Many thanks – care to make the edits over at gitlab?

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    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.

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