antiX-bullseye-beta1 iso files available. 64 bit only

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      running antix updater fails the first time

      This is because of changes in desktop-session-antix and moving all xsession files from desktop-defaults-<window-manager>-antix to desktop-defaults-<file-manager>-antix.
      I recommend, when the upgrade comes from antiX19 to 21 (once it is ready), to first update desktop-session-antix, then all desktop-defaults-<window-manager>-antix packages and finally all desktop-defaults-<file-manager>-antix packages. This will make the update easier.

      also after updating the choose startup services doesn’t work

      It doesn’t work because of what I explained before. Debian doesn’t manage runit services at all (the Debian runit maintainer prepared and requested a change two years ago to include runit into all these programs, but it was ignored for some reason), and they broke compatibility between the “init” and “init-system-helpers” packages and runit (fortunately anticapitalista took charge for antiX).

      For managing runit services, you can see all running services with:
      sudo sv status /etc/service/*
      Stop or start them with
      sudo sv start/stop <service-name>
      And to remove them from startup, you can either mandate them to remain down
      sudo touch /etc/service/<service-name>/down
      or exclude them entirely from available services (don’t worry, this is reversible) with
      sudo rm /etc/service/<service-name>

      For sysvinit services, the usual “sudo update-rc <service-name> remove/defaults”, to remove from startup or add to startup

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        thanks, still getting used to runit. just mentioned the previous as I didn’t
        see it in the thread at all. haven’t tried the sysvinit version. The repo manager
        also doesn’t set the repos correctly in antix.list file. it changed the testing one
        but not bullseye.


          for any users still using 21-b1-runit …. (b2 is more recommended for new downloads and testing).
          and update today produce an apt upgrade error as shown in screenshot but is fixed by
          apt --fix-broken install
          apt autoremove
          apt upgrade

          but talk on solid was running over 11 days uptime, online, only one update. few kinks that were already stated.

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            @linuxdaddy – you must have the dev repo enabled (not recommended as you found out).
            Latest upgrades (without dev enabled) may give some ugly warnings, but there should be no need to do apt -f install

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              oops did have the dev enabled. turned off and an
              update today only gave one warning with old connman script,
              but said trying the new script went ok. so all good.

            Viewing 5 posts - 166 through 170 (of 170 total)
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