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    Are these two tools only available for antiX-17? or can I install these tools on my antiX-16.3 system?



    you might be(come) the first person to test whether they are backward compatible.
    Skimming through those scripts, I didn’t find anything that seemed NOT backward-compatible…

    If you care to test, I guess the installation would require enabling antiX stretch repo in your sources list
    and install “console-grid-gui” which provides antiX-cli-cc
    (also depends on “cli-shell-utils”, so that will be autoinstalled also)
    and “cli-aptix” (packagename is lowercase)

    When you initiate the “sudo apt-get install console-grid-gui cli-aptix” operation, if apt reports that additional packages (other than “cli-shell-utils”) must be installed/upgraded… I would stop (cancel).

    After installing those select packages, remember to disable the stretch repo within your sources list.


    Ok, thanks. I’ll do that and report back how it works, or not.



    I installed both antiX-cli-cc and cli-aptiX on my antiX-16.3 box. I used following command:

    “sudo apt-get install console-grid-gui cli-aptix”

    apt did not stop and ask me to say yes or no. It just installed. But it seemed that it was only the packages you mentioned and nothing else.

    I tested antiX-cli-cc and it starts up and the menu comes on screen. But I can only go one menu deep and nothing actually launches. And I can only use “q” to quit. I cannot use <Enter> or <b> to go back to main menu. “q” quits to the command line. So, it appears that antiX-cli-cc does not work.

    However, cli-aptiX seems to work just fine. I updated and upgraded and did some searches. I have not tried to install a package yet.



    Here’s the only additional wrinkle I can think of:

    package “cli-shell-utils” is a dependency of antiX-cli-cc
    the dependency declaration(s) are unversioned

    You mentioned “did not stop and ask me to say yes or no. It just installed”
    which suggests that cli-shell-utils is already installed.

    Use “apt policy antiX-cli-cc” to check the installed version of cli-shell-utils.
    If it’s not v0.3.16, you can temporarily enable in your apt sources.list stretch/main
    and retrieve the newer version, then retest.

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