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    Hi everyone! I thought “porting” this post over from MX forum could be handy:

    antiX 19 has, in fact 2 GUI (or partly GUI) ways to update, and upgrade your fancy new OS:
    1- Using Mx updater- (install it using synaptic) it gets “installed” over at; Menu – Applications – Accessories – Mx updater – BUT… it’s not working for now on antiX 19. If you are in a rush, you can do the procedure indicated by Skiddo over at … post-28245
    2- YAD-updater- a very different take on my original idea for a “gui” updater- you can run it using- Menu – Run – and entering: yad-updater
    This was modified a bit the development team from my original version – but the main point is still there- minimize user interaction with the cli- a window pops up to enter the password- a console window pops open and shows the update process, then the user has to type y/n in that console window – but a window pops up warning when the procedure is done. Click Ok, and the console is closed. I call this “partly gui”, and I believe this will be less susceptible to “scare” newbies not used to the terminal than (god forbid) typing away at the terminal! Nothing more to type other than y or n… How hard can that be?
    You can, off course, add a icon for this script to the desktop, the menu or the toolbar- to make the update/upgrade process even more convenient…

    The classic fully GUI way to update/upgrade, is, of course, still Synaptic…


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