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      What can I say for this distro… I cannot find the words to say how satisfy I am from antiX. I am using Linux since 20 years now, i have used a tons of distros from slackware to modern immutable distros. I can say that this one is by far my favorite one for the whole package that is offering without sacrificing the performance.
      It’s a complete distro with the best collection of packages that could have.

      Keep the good work!! Free for ever.


        I am glad Τήνος adopted antiX… Beautiful…

        Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


          Welcome to antiX! I do think that most people that install antiX do think it’s one of the best OSes available for any kind of computer, specially for low powered computers. It currently is about as easy to use and configure as any modern OS, but still can run even on 32bits devices fast enough to make them usable.


          Brian Masinick


            Welcome to the antiX forum!
            You have good company here, many people who enjoy our lean and efficient distribution.

            Brian Masinick

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              Howdy and Welcome.

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                Hello thanantonop.

                Welcome to antiX Linux and the Forum.

                I don’t know how to write in English and I send my texts translated by the internet translator. I hope you can understand everything. If your native language is not English, please translate my original Brazilian Portuguese text directly into your language with the help of internet translators and you will get a much better result.

                Please read my real welcome in the Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 23) and Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 19, 21 and 22) thread.

                (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese language)

                – – – – –

                Olá, thanantonop.

                Seja bem-vindo(a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum.

                Eu não sei escrever em idioma Inglês e envio os meus textos traduzidos pelo tradutor da internet. Eu espero que você consiga compreender tudo. Se o seu idioma nativo não for o Inglês, por favor, traduza o meu texto original em Português no Brasil diretamente para o seu idioma com a ajuda dos tradutores da internet que você obterá um resultado muito melhor.
                Por favor, leia a minha verdadeira boas-vindas no tópico Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 23) e Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 19, 21 e 22).

                (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)

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