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    Brian Masinick

      I enjoy the creativity, exploration and fun exhibited throughout the collection of icons, themes, comments and suggestions.

      Good community efforts! ????????

      Brian Masinick






          antiX. Its a trap! Once you fall in to the antiX system you cannot go back to other distros!

          antiX Live system enthusiast.
          General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


            @ skidoo

            Way too complicated …

            I think, those will work better. ;)

            The 1st one will even get you some ‘X’. :)

            So … like in ‘antraX’ … :) :) :) :) :) :)

            Brian Masinick

              Funny, and maybe a few others may keep them,

              “Just For Fun”!


              Brian Masinick


                This emblem is comprised of 4-5 alchemical symbols, depending on how you’re counting.

                ???? Quick Lime
                ???? Salt
                ???? Sal Ammoniac
                ???? Nitre

                ???? Verdigris
                *coincidence from overlapping Quick Lime & Salt

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                    This one is comprised of:
                    the letters; X, l, v
                    one period .
                    one exclamation point !
                    Font: Purisa (GPL2)


                      As dgh properly noted:

                      A logo for an OS should be interchangable as a ‘Start’ button / menu icon.
                      Look at all the successful OS logos and you will see this.
                      Debian’s golden-ratio-swirl logo, Ubuntu’s people-holding-hands-in-a-circle logo and of course, Apple’s (Walled-)Garden-Of-Eden-Bitten-Apple logo and of course Windows’ 4-pane-window logo.. these are all used both as logos and as icons for the main menu button.

                      Aaand here it is — the new antiX logo.

                      See also:

                      antiX Modern Design

                      Forum Admin

                        male, I agree. That logo has represented the antiX “brand” for a decade. It is what it is.
                        Messing with re-branding would impose an unnecessary and time-intensive chore.

                        As these 5 pages show.
                        Having said that, there are some very nice images in this thread for users to play around with on their antiX installs.

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                        Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                        antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


                          I think it is worth noting that it would not be odd having an image for the ‘start button’; an image different from or distinct from the corporate logo.

                          To my simple mind, a logo that “might be missing” and useful is one for the combined MX/ antiX endeavor. MX and antiX individually already have established & unique brands/ logos.

                          Like? Dislike? Is always about personal preference, style, taste

                          Pax vobiscum,
                          Mark Rabideau -
                          "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." H. L. Mencken
                          dwm-hlwm-i3wm-spectrwm-swau-dk ~Reg. Linux User #449130
                          20 Jan 2021 ~ "End of an Error"


                            It’s not a matter of personal preference — it’s a lack of concept, organization, ‘corporate identity’ … which is also fine in this case.
                            Both, antiX and MX are not the brands, but still, it’s pity if one doesn’t improve on what’s so easily improvable with no extra effort.


                              Sure it’s personal preference. After all, this is anticap’s project and his preference ultimately decides. I was only participating for the sake of the activity. I never expected any of this to lead to any official changes, but I like the idea of users generating and pooling alternative color schemes, branding, etc. Using forum threads (like this) to build a sort of Style Repository, rather than turning a simple post in to an unsolicited contest, might help us to not get hung up on our own designs.

                              It could be neat to have a symbol for the antiX / MX Cooperative, but it’d just be another non-imperitive decorative endeavor.
                              If it was AntiX with a capital A, you could just add a third pyramid to the MEPIS lineup. Make it a Giza scene; AM as pyramids with X shining behind them. The A pyramid could have light illuminating it so you can see the ‘capstone’ shape of the letter A. Using a lowercase (a) makes it a bit more difficult to cram together in a meaningful way.


                                After all, this is anticap’s project and his preference ultimately decides.

                                Agree on that one 100% but, IT IS NOT A PERSONAL PREFERENCE!

                                It’s lack of … everything actually.

                                (And I don’t mind it but, I mind if it’s not seen as what it, de facto is.)


                                  I’m envisioning a wallpaper, checkerboard pattern… with each of the white squares displaying the various logos which have been presented in this thread.

                                  re: “concept, organization…”

                                  Johnny-come-lately sees “a hodgepodge”.
                                  Johnny-been-around-the-block recognizes “a distro containing a curated collection of best-of-breed lightweight applications”.

                                  Johnny-come-lately criticizes “Why install 2,3,4 different file managers, and multiple text editors?”
                                  Johnny-been-around-the-block recognizes that geany is, in fact, an “IDE” and “Oh, cool!” the antiX-full distribution pre-installs quite a few supplemental geany color schemes.

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