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    Brian Masinick

      Right on, skidoo!

      Our antiX starts out lean and mean, but the fact is that you can use what is included or you can morph it into whatever you need.

      One of the old antiX Core creations I came up with was extremely close to what we built as MX Linux to replace the old MEPIS. The only differences between MX and my homemade creations were the cosmetic stuff and that is true today too.

      Sometimes even now I create a couple of antiX variations that are my own compositions that use background images and other minor variations, then I’ll build a light and a medium sized system that uses the components of the antiX and Debian-based distributions that contain the specific software that I personally use. I’ve been doing this for well over a decade.

      This is precisely the kind of thing that makes sense to me and has made a solid foundation for the software on my systems.

      Brian Masinick


        A small correction @masinick… antiX is “Mean” and “Lean” (so it says above in the tagline). I actually like the saying better in reverse it reminds me of something being “Good” to a “Free” home. ;)

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          antiX is NOT mean and lean, exactly as the MX is not.

          ‘Mean and lean’ is much more then the pure numbers.


          antiX and MX are bloated to jump, scream and run away.

          Like the same team made them.

          I agree that most people are unable to see it and I agree that it doesn’t make much sense discussing it in ‘fan forums’ but, some people can notice the difference (even if they sometimes get lost on the way because of too many different roads — well, less is sometimes more, I suppose ;)).

          I could add a couple of hundreds of screenshots more but, we all know that it’s all to no avail.

          Just as I can’t stop seeing it (and keeping reminding you), you simply can’t see it.

          And no, none of those on Reddit was me. No Reddit account here.

          What stays is, I still didn’t give up.

          For the better antiX!


            That logo has represented the antiX “brand” for a decade. It is what it is.

            That logo is what it is — the ultimate fail and a sign of ‘behind the time’.

            IT industry is not a local bakery or a wine shop.

            Learn on some examples:



            Only two among many others.

            Either you lead the way, or you are looking behind.



              (spare the wordiness, I’ll just echo agreement with Seaken64’s succinct post, below)


                Is antiX interested in being the leader in the Linux world? Maybe they are, I don’t know. But it seems to me that antiX does not need to become MicroSoft or Apple to be appreciated. Has there been some revolt against what antiX is? I haven’t noticed that. I don’t mind the logo at all. And i don’t really care if it changes. I doubt if changing the logo and the overall look and feel will sway the masses over to antiX. And if it does, is that what antiX wants? Be careful what you wish for.


                Brian Masinick

                  I have enjoyed the activity and the effort. Nevertheless I am, and have been, very pleased with the work in antiX, past and present.

                  Brian Masinick


                    lmao a per-configured conky wins every time. Please


                      @ seaken64

                      “Is antiX interested in being the leader in the Linux world?”

                      Irrelevant. Changes belong to life.

                      “But it seems to me that antiX does not need to become MicroSoft or Apple to be appreciated.”

                      ‘Need to …” — Irrelevant. antiX (== Linux) CAN’T and WILL NOT become MS, not even Apple can do it.

                      “Has there been some revolt against what antiX is?”

                      Does this statement exclude the evolution and improvement?

                      “I don’t mind the logo at all. And I don’t really care if it changes.”

                      WHY you DISCUSS the things, you don’t care about?

                      “I doubt if changing the logo and the overall look and feel will sway the masses over to antiX.”

                      I doubt too, that changing the logo will sway the masses over to antiX but, it will surely not chase them away.
                      I don’t doubt that more people will be much keen on keeping it by improving the overall look and feel.

                      “And if it does, is that what antiX wants?”

                      I don’t know what antiX wants but, I know what a majority of PC users want.

                      “Be careful what you wish for.”

                      Sanity by humanity?
                      Will not happen.

                      Recently, I was noticing a few comments like this one here (#22784).


                      What do you think who did it? Who’s the one responsible for that horrible change? ;)

                      You might also want to compare the icons in 17.2 and 17.4.1.

                      Maybe you don’t care but, does the change really hurts you? And … there might be someone who cares.

                      We invented a wheel, a couple of years ago, and then we invented some wagons to transport whatever.
                      Why the hell we had to make all the other vehicles using the wheel over time, just to do the same?

                      I mentioned Galileo Galilei and ‘Eppur Si Muove’ already and not without a good reason.
                      Imagine him here now, trying to explain how the world is a globe and not a flat surface to a bunch of hardcore ‘flat Earth’ believers …

                      Polygonal Goat

                        Just started using antiX and I love it so far. I’m running it on an old Dell Inspiron D430 (2007)
                        One thing I’ve noticed when browsing the conversations on the forums and Facebook is the off/on discussion about creating a new logo.
                        I understand that the current logo has represented antiX Linux for some time now, but I would suggest giving it a facelift.
                        what I’ve surmised from the logo discussion is that it’s important to the community to keep the logo’s design style looking like the late 90s/early 2000s.
                        This is because of the old hardware that antiX is intended to run on.
                        I’m a graphic design student that has created a logo for fun and would like to share it.
                        I’m open to talking more about this, also don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with this proposal if it going to cause trouble.
                        Enjoy :)

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                        • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by Polygonal Goat.
                        Brian Masinick

                          Other ideas are always welcome. Sometimes new ideas are used, sometimes they are not, but whether they are included in the system or not, people who enjoy your art work are welcome to use it – assuming you have, in fact, granted permission for people to do so, which I am assuming, since you shared your work with us. Correct?

                          Brian Masinick


                            I stay by my comments up thread and haven’t changed my mind on the topic. When I said I didn’t care if the logo is changed I was not suggesting I have no opinion about the logo. But the logo is not what makes antiX my favorite Linux distro. I’m sure there are many people who would prefer a different logo. Maybe more modern? What does that even mean? Make it so that someone has to guess what it is? If you are not into computers do you even know what the Chrome logo is? It doesn’t say Chrome. It looks like a button with four colors. What do those colors mean? Do I care? Should I care?

                            Should the logo be more in line with modern Hip-hop, or modern country music? Should it reflect fashion? Design? Should it be rugged or soft? Should it “speak to me” or should it be benign?

                            The logo should be whatever the developers want it to be. If they decide to change it, fine. It’s okay with me. I’ll use antiX as long as it continues to be the best Linux distro for low-resource and older computers.


                            Polygonal Goat

                              I do give permission, but I think there needs to be some more tweaks/critique done before it should be used IMHO.

                              Polygonal Goat

                                I do agree it’s up to the developers to decide. Just looking to contribute where I can.


                                  Hello Polygoat,

                                  a timeless design doesn’t need facelifts at all. It’s like a statement in architecture, its unostentatious elegance will be valid and recognised by spectators still when more fashionable designs have been long-forgotten. And it doesn’t count whether it was originally created in the 1920s, 50s, 60s, 90s or today. But also timeless designs can be replaced. You only need a very good reason to do so. Such a reason could be e.g.: A more convincing, a better design. Sorry, but I don’t find all this in your proposal. I perceive your sketch as stylistically unbalanced. The fractured outline of the letters transports an uneasy feeling, establishing a harsh and almost painful contrast to the perfect circle behind it. Does this in any way represent a rock solid and trustworthy operating system, or don’t you rather feel reminded of something morbid and trashy? For me it looks like a very, very, very old dodderer has tried to write down the word. Small additional remark: I sense the contrast value between the fill of letters and the fill of circle is a bit to low in your 3d shading, giving it a weak, unintentional appearance. But your drawing looks hopefully for a first design study of this object. Would be great to see some more of your sketches for this, maybe you could convincingly beat the old design in the end.

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