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    antiX 17.4.1
    neofetch ncmpcpp ranger

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    MX- AHS 5.5.0-1-amd64 (i3) ROG STRIX B450-I , AMD Ryzen 5 3600 , 32gb.
    2 Laps T430 17.2 X220 17.4


    My last one, with Space-JWM

    screenshot-4 screenshot-5

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    Very very nice indeed. A link to the theme that you use maybe? I’d like to try JWM but the already pre-installed themes prevent me from doing so…
    Thanks for sharing.


    It’s just black theme for jwm (build in available theme in antix)


    Here’s my space-icewm desktop. Icewm theme is Zorin-Ice, gtk theme Arc-EvoPro2 and icon theme Faba-Ceru.


    Wallpaper made with evolvotron, numix icon theme, I need orange color, don’t know why?


    Very nice. I find myself frequently returning to jwm with the black theme.

    “Simple. Black. Classic.” – This Is Spinal Tap


    Here we go. Not very impressive, I know. Just Ultra-Black icewm theme, Adwaita-Dark for, well, dark backgrounds, and Paper icons. Wallpaper is mainly black, with some red & white and that blade-runner-ish feel, so I thought it fits the rest (from National Geographic wallpapers).

    Wingrid is a very useful tool, too. I have to be reading from somewhere (app or doc) and writting at the same time, so a put’em-in-a-grid comes handy.

    This is what menu & spacefm look like.

    What is impressive is RAM use: about 147-149 after a fresh start, then comes Chromium or else and shots up, but it still keeps far from my scarce 4 Gb (I believe I still haven’t seen Conky showing more than 2 Gb, no matter what). Fast and reliable too! As always, big cheers to all antiX great developers & contributors


    Btw … why you’re mentioning icon sets at all if you’re not using them? 😉

    Last screenshot shows the Paper Icon Set (except 2 icons).


    Hi, noclue. Yes, you are totally right, thanks for pointing that. I installed the Paper icon set, and used the “Customize look and feel” tool in Control Centre to make it default… But it seems that doesn’t apply to icons from the toolbar menu and icon shortcuts. As you can see, I changed the icons from the toolbar icon shortcuts to Paper too, but the ones I couldn’t find in /usr/share/icons/Paper (backlight-brightness and Palemoon):

    # This is a default toolbar definition file for IceWM
    # Place your personal variant in $HOME/.icewm directory.
    ### Commonly used applications
    prog "Unplug Removable Device" /usr/share/icons/Paper/48x48/devices/media-removable.png
    prog "backlight-brightness" /usr/share/icons/antix-moka/backlight-brightness.png x-terminal-emulator -e backlight-brightness
    #prog "Terminal" /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/apps/48/utilities-terminal.png lxterminal
    prog "File Manager" /usr/share/icons/Paper/48x48/apps/file-manager.png spacefm
    #prog "Screenshot" /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/apps/48/gnome-screenshot.png
    #prog "Editor" /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/apps/48/accessories-text-editor.png desktop-defaults-run -te
    #prog "Web Browser" /usr/share/icons/Faenza-Cupertino-mini/apps/48/web-browser.png desktop-defaults-run -b
    prog "Chromium Browser" /usr/share/icons/Paper/48x48/apps/chromium.png /usr/bin/chromium %U
    prog "Firefox ESR" /usr/share/icons/Paper/48x48/apps/firefox-esr.png /usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr
    prog "palemoon" /usr/lib/palemoon/browser/icons/mozicon128.png palemoon
    prog "Opera" /usr/share/icons/Paper/48x48/apps/opera.png opera

    But the icons in the menu are still the default Faenza-Cupertino, as I am aware now, and to edit the ~/.icewm/menu manually to make icons fit would take a lot of time… Perhaps you know any way to make it easier? Meanwhile, I change my statement: Paper icons for everything but menu and a couple other icons in the toolbar. 😀

    Thanks again, I really appreciate anything so I can keep on learning about this great distro. 🙂


    Perhaps you know any way to make it easier?

    Actually I do and I don’t. antiX is a “rat’s tail”.

    As is at the present, you need to change at least one thing in each and every one of the open windows (shown on my screenshots) and a couple of more places are still missing.

    While trying to give antiX its present look, I had an idea on how one could make it easier but, that would need some very radical changes in the whole antiX concept.

    At least, antiX ‘as is’, got acceptable and consistent enough look for a day to day use.

    Sorry that I don’t feel like writing a ‘how to’.


    Hi again, noclue. I see, that seems like a lot to do, and you must know exactly how to do that… Some bits I figured out, some not. I’m particulary no-clued about how to change menu icons; as I said in another place, I’m just a user with no technical knowledge. I’ve tried before the path to Paper icons, as in your last screenshot, in .icewm/Preferences, but that alone did nothing at all with the menu, at least. So, I’ve gone back to the default Faenza-Cupertino all the way around, changed wallpaper and theme again, and…

    Nice enough for me. 🙂 But then again, I figured out a way to change icon menus with a little cheating… LXpanel could do the trick. So I installed it, set the icewm taskbar to hide, and added the code to make it appear on startup, little other tweaks were necessary (as commenting the sound icon option to apear on startup, before that it got me a weird icon window hard to get rid of). Paper icons I got, yes, but still working a little less than perfect… Windows turned out to cover the panel, no matter the “don’t cover” option was checked… Odd enough, when uncheck-check again that option windows started to behave. Anyway, I finally decided to turn back to a somewhat-defaults in icewm, and to try and install full-LXDE, which was a lighter install than I tought… Didn’t get much bloated after that. And is indeed a little heavier than icewm, but not that much; I’ve noticed about ¿60-80? more RAM Mbs iddle, so it gets little more than 200 or so, against a little less than 150 in icewm; not a big deal, and still is lighter than some other distros with default LXDE that I tried before (I remember Lubuntu and Sparky right now). Some tweaking’s been needed (like adding the antiX exit menu option as a shortcut in LXpanel, because the default option in LXmenu just got session out and in again), but it seems OK by now. I’m not staying with LXDE anyway, but is nice to have more login options, and LXDE sure has a little more eye candy (as the possibility to have a transparent toolbar). And, yes, I can now have Paper-or-else icons everywhere now

    I’m really enjoying this distro. Options and lots of things to fiddle with, all working smooth and feathery. Thanks again, noclue! 🙂

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    Odd. Forum ate my reply after editing a bit. I’m afraid I tried again and after a while it could appear with some duplicates. Or not appear at all. I linked some screenshots that I uploaded to blogger, was it that perhaps? Anyway, I’ll wait now until a forum admin can solve that, sorry if it caused any inconvenience. 🙂


    hello rokytnji and hello everyone
    Showing four application launchers. overkill on fluxbox..being happy and make usage pattern from that! rain day fun on 19. chose the sunny icon with sunglasses for the application launcher…


    Here is my fresh install of Antix with Xfce LITE (not the FULL Xfce, which I found buggy, installed from the Package Installer). Aside from the missing icons lol I love this set up. It’s the only DE that will let me run Easygestures, which was made for lightdm not slim, I believe.

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