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    love that desktop. What window manager are you using, male?

    Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico Philosophicus): Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.


    Glad you mentioned it…
    This Conky has a mistake. Beijing is not represented in the color of December 10. I have to fix it.

    To your question:
    I only use fluxbox under antiX.
    Thank you for your attention.


    This Conky has a mistake. Beijing is not represented in the color of December 10. I have to fix it.

    It’s fixed.
    If anyone is interested…

    # pkill -xf "conky -c /home/male/TEST/Time_rc9" &
    # male 12.12.2019 works
    	background yes
    # font settings
    	use_xft yes
    #font monospace:size=9
    	xftfont monofur:size=10
    	uppercase no
    	update_interval 1
    	total_run_times 0
    	own_window yes
    	own_window_type normal
    	own_window_transparent yes
    	own_window_hints skip_taskbar,skip_pager,undecorated
    #own_window_colour 144556 #ffffff
    #own_window_argb_visual yes
    #own_window_argb_value 180
    #own_window_class Conky
    #own_window_title TEST
    	minimum_size 1500 0
    #maximum_width 356
    # position
    #alignment middle_middle
    	alignment top_left
    	gap_x 250
    	gap_y 10
    # colors
    	default_color ffffff
    	default_shade_color 000000
    	default_outline_color 000000
    	color0 ffffff #white
    	color1 144556 #dunkelblue
    	color2 33b0dc #hellblue
    	color3 ff8c00 #dark orange
    	color4 00ffff #cain
    	color5 c0c0c0 #silver
    	color6 808080 #gray
    	draw_borders no
    #stippled_borders 8
    	border_inner_margin 4
    	border_width 1
    	draw_shades no
    	draw_outline no
    	use_spacer left
    	double_buffer yes
    	no_buffers yes
    	cpu_avg_samples 2
    	net_avg_samples 2
    #max_specials 1024
    	max_user_text 48552
    ${alignc}${font monofur:size=12}${tztime %a %d. %B %Y} «--${color3}|||${color4}--» ${tztime NZ %d. %B %Y}${color}${font}
    ${goto 35}${if_match ${tztime Pacific/Honolulu %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Honolulu ${tztime Pacific/Honolulu %R}${color}${else}Honolulu ${tztime Pacific/Honolulu %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Canada/Pacific %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Vancouver ${tztime Canada/Pacific %R} ${color}${else}Vancouver ${tztime Canada/Pacific %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime America/New_York %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}New York ${tztime America/New_York %R}${color}${else} New York ${tztime America/New_York %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime America/Buenos_Aires %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Buenos Aires ${tztime America/Buenos_Aires %R}${color}${else}Buenos Aires ${tztime America/Buenos_Aires %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Europe/London %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}London ${tztime Europe/London %R}${color}${else}London ${tztime Europe/London %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Europe/Berlin %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Berlin ${tztime Europe/Berlin %R}${color}${else}Berlin ${tztime Europe/Berlin %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Europe/Athens %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Kastroria ${tztime Europe/Athens %R}${color}${else}Kastoria ${tztime Europe/Athens %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Europe/Moscow %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Moscow ${tztime Europe/Moscow %R}${color}${else}Moscow ${tztime Europe/Moscow %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Asia/Shanghai %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Beijing ${tztime Asia/Shanghai %R}${color}${else}Beijing ${tztime Asia/Shanghai %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Asia/Tokyo %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Tokyo ${tztime Asia/Tokyo %R}${color}${else}Tokyo ${tztime Asia/Tokyo %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Australia/Melbourne %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Melbourne ${tztime Australia/Melbourne %R}${color}${else}Melbourne ${tztime Australia/Melbourne %R}${endif} \
    | ${if_match ${tztime Pacific/Auckland %d} == ${tztime NZ %d}}${color4}Auckland ${tztime Pacific/Auckland %R}${color}${else}Auckland ${tztime Pacific/Auckland %R}${endif}

    This is 19.1 runit

    T430 MX-19 , antiX-19 runit.


    Here’s a shot of my 19.1 runit so far.

    Normal == 🙂
    depends on the surrounding crowd ?!

    Forum Admin

    antiX-19.1-runit-sid-core (32 bit).
    Installed xorg, slim, rxvt-unicode, scrot, feh, herbstluftwm, rox-filer.
    Removed all unneeded firmware, elogind and dbus-x11!
    Haven’t attempted to ‘prettify’ it.
    Boots to ‘desktop’ with wifi ready (via ceni) in 8.2 secs.

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    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    I completely redid my D830 from earlier screenshot to 19.1-core Sysvinit pointed to sid
    and built-up to use lightdm with Mate desktop and 5.4.7 kernel and it’s working
    great so far.
    The 5.4 kernels seem to fix the 30-60 second black screen on the 965 mobile video
    drivers that the 4.9 and 4.19 kernels had on this machine.

    Normal == 🙂
    depends on the surrounding crowd ?!

    Sliver XSliver X

    antiX 19: IceWM, Plank, PCManFM

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    • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by Sliver X.

    Trying to keep it simple with my good old computer.

    antix-core, xorg, xfce4, arc-theme, papirus-icon-theme, etc.

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    Sliver XSliver X

    IceWM / SpaceFM

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    antiX-19 Fluxbox


    Koolstofje, this bg reminds me of when I was riding a motorcycle, late at night, winter in the rain, and wondering whether I should raise the shield of the helmet up and get wet, or try to see anything with it down. Just follow the red light ahead of you Luke, you will be OK.


    Good story Fungalnet 🙂

    But it is Antares (reflection nebula) IC4604

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    Not all who Wander are Lost.
    I'm not outa place. I'm from outer space.

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