AntiX still my favorite for USB ops

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      Just a comment of thanks from this primarily usb-live user ..

      For persistence options, AntiX is second to none. From dynamic to static persistence, I use them all at various times and the devs have made that so easy. It still blows my mind.

      The bootup options and menus are a joy for me to use. Sure, I can do some of this by passing specialized kernel parameters, but the menu structure prior to boot and the saved states of my options without having to edit files – what joy. Dare I say *fun* to use? For me, yes.

      And of course, AntiX has the /sexiest/ virtual terminals around. Beautiful fonts, and just enough fb graphics surrounding the screen to make pure commandline use not so utilitarian. Just the right touch. Inviting is the right word for it.

      Small things don’t go unseen by me – and this is *prior* to the actual boot! So thanks for that to all the devs. I SEE the small stuff and hope you know it is appreciated.

      Guess I had to get that off my chest. It reads like giving an apple to the teacher, but the thanks are sincere.


        Well said! I agree whole-heartedly.

        antiX live:

        Dare I say *fun* to use? For me, yes.

        confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019


          Hi cristophe! I’m also a core user when I want to go full cli-only mode without any tempting gui distractions. Caught your tip earlier about using nosplash if the system seems to hang on populating dev ..

          I temporarily disabled the grub theme, and added nosplash manually to the kernel options, hit F10 and bingo!

          And oh man, just like the virtual terminals in base/full, they look just great in core too. I did have to enable it using the antiX-cli-cc command to find the look I wanted. Outstanding.

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