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    Brian Masinick

      Good work ????
      Keep doing good stuff, share, use, experiment.

      Not every idea works the first time m but sharing and collaboration is never a waste of time.

      Best wishes for success in this effort!

      Brian Masinick


        Over the week end I played a bit with tint2 and solved the problem of having the rootmenu overlaping the toolbar, when I clicked the start menu…
        Edit tint2rc file and , replace the “fluxbox-remote rootmenu” that’s on the first button with this:

        eval $(xdotool getmouselocation --shell) && xdotool mousemove 153 325 && sleep 0.1 && fluxbox-remote rootmenu && xdotool mousemove $X $Y

        Note: this is not a “one size fits all”, you have to edit the above one line script , changing the second value (325) until it matches the the top of your toolbar). This works perfecly with my adapted rootmenu- for doing that I would advise pasting the line to a text file, then to the terminal. If the rootmenu is too up or too down, edit the value on the text file, copy and paste it to the terminal. repeat until you get it to the correct place. I like having some empty icons on to the left and to the bottom of the rootmenu, makes it look more… “modern”, maybe?


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          After some minor changes to my tint2 config, I decided to fully localize my tint2 configuration and make it available for download.

          -How to install?
          1- Go to this webpage and click “”, and download the file

          2- Navigate to where you saved your file. Right click it and make it executable (using SpaceFM: right click the file > Properties > Permitions > Check all “Execute…” fields > Click “Ok”
          3- Execute the file. You may be prompted to enter your password. A terminal window pops open and the install process starts.On a broadband connection the entire process takes less than a minute.
          When you see the toolbar change, you can safely close the terminal window. That’s it.

          -What is “antiX FT10 transformation Pack”?
          Despite the fancy name, this is a simple script that does the following:
          – performs a “sudo apt update”; then installs tint2, skippy-xd, rofi, dunst and compton
          – creates a costume tint2 config file, creates some scripts that tint2 can use and also changes some fluxbox configuration files (editing your init, apps and startup files)
          – makes sure that SpaceFM is the default file manager
          – automatically switches to the min-fluxbox desktop
          – system notifications are enabled (using the Dunst package)
          – Screen effects, like shadows and transparencies can be used – Menu > Run > “Compton”. This is not turned on be default, but you can add compton to your startup file, if you like the eye candy and your system can spare the resources

          – Why use this?
          This is the same antiX you know and love, using the min-fluxbox desktop a different toolbar, that uses about 100Mb of RAM on idle, and has almost all functionaly that Windows 10 toolbar provides, mixed with some extra antiX goodies, showing system resources, the weather, and a Power Button

          -Toolbar contents, from left to right:
          -Start menu (left click summons the Fluxbox menu)
          -Search icon (left click summons Rofi application finder, right click summons Rofi file locator- that locates files by name)
          -Task switcher (Left click displays thumnails of all non minimized windows on that workspace, rendered in real time; Right click displays the desktop)
          -Manage toolbar icons (Left click summons a small GUI interface to add/remove/move icons on the toolbar)
          -File Manager icon (summons Spacefm)
          -“Launcher” icons (by default displays the following icons: Firefox-esr, LibreOffice Writer, Packaga Installer, antiX Updater), users can add/remove icons using the “Manage toolbar icons” icon
          -Taskbar- displays icons of running aplications. Hovering over them displays the window name and a small thumbnail. Left click to switch to that application, Middle click to toggle to/from Maximized window, Right click – closes the window
          -Executor Script that displays CPU and RAM usage, in human readble format (can be altered to display free disk space also, eding the file ~/.config/tint2/cpu)
          -Network manager icon (summons Conman network manager)
          -Volume icon (Left click to alter sound volume, Right click to close volume manager)- Note: to save system resources this is a fixed icon, that does not change to display the volume. An “executor” script (~/.config/tint2/vol) can be displayd, to show an interactive icon instead
          -Weather- Left click to display the weather in a terminal window
          -Unplug USB devices – the name says it all
          -System tray (by default, it’s empty)
          -Date (Left click to display a Calendar)
          -“Power” button- to turn off your computer, log off, etc.

          -How to go back to your default desktop?
          – click the power button icon, on the lower right > Log Off > On the log in screen press the “F1” key until you see that the “rox-icewm” desktop is selected > Enter your password
          – if you want to use the default file manager (Rox-filler): Menu > Control Centre > Default Applications (the yellow star icon) > Click “File Manager” > Select “rox-filer.desktop” from the list and click “Open” > Click “ok” on the main window
          Your antiX icewm desktop is back to it’s default.
          – If you want, you can delete the “Dunst” package, that allows system notifications:
          Menu > Terminal >
          sudo apt purge dunst
          – If you also want to delete “compton” (this package does not use system resources unless you run “compton”):
          sudo apt purge compton

          @Moddit – if you want to localize the tooltips to german – open ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc for edition and search for “tooltip =” and translate those …
          The Manage toolbar icons script does not have any text to localize, except for the yad window titles- you can edit ~/.config/tint2/ and search for “title=” and translate those.
          If you want to provide a localized script for your kids, do those editions on the install script itself (that creates, line by line each of the above files…).
          I now include all scripts inside the install script, so it’s easy to localize…

          @BobC – you said that were trying to have icewm display the disk space- tint2 toolbar can do that. I even prepared the ~/.config/tint2/cpu file for that- uncomment the line
          referring to disk space to have it displayed in the toolbar.

          @Christophe – if you want to host this newest script on your drop box, please to so! Thanks in advance!

          Not really a to-do- the fluxbox rootmenu is drawn over the toolbar. I wrote a script that automatically positions the rootmenu above the toolbar. You can test it by clicking on the Start menu with the right mouse button. The default menu appears too high up because I use a costume menu. If you want to change the script that automatically positions the rootmenu, edit the ~/.config/tint2/ file. Experiment with several values where it says “menu_height=”, until your menu is positioned where you want it. The script will adjust automatically the rootmenu position, no matter the toolbar height or screen resolution- but that was not tested with hi dpi screens).


          PS: This is how my desktop looks like, with tint2 running and also my customized rootmenu (I have an alternative “eject usb drive” icon, and also I’m running my herbe notification center, next to the clock)

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          • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by PPC.
          • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by PPC.

            Hi PPC Brilliant, this begs for some real showcasing… and a different background,
            Sorry the blue crosses reminds the kids of
            dead relatives.
            I setup metro as standard, and Keep looking at the script and thinking of all the
            possibilitys, for other desktops and roles..


              The script is also mirrored here:

              Note that the versions of this script have the approximate upload date incorporated into the file name. :)

              • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by christophe.

              confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019


                Thank you very much, PPC.

                It was magnificent!

                (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


                Muito obrigado, PPC.

                Ficou magnífico!

                (Texto original em Português do Brasil)


                  ModdIt wrote:
                  Hi PPC, why not ungoogled chromium, or chromium, many of the refugees are looking for as much privacy as possible, it is a major theme here in Germany.
                  One of my arguments for moving which gets plenty of attention.
                  Maybe awareness not so much the case in Brazil but still a valid argument…

                  Hello ModdIt,

                  I just saw your post. I think there are some explanations.

                  I cannot speak for everyone in Brazil, as we are in more than 200 million people, with access to information in extremely different conditions … So I will speak for myself and for what I observe.

                  The information regarding the invasion of privacy I have been acquiring with all friends and colleagues in this forum, my learning here is daily. We have excellent people here, several teachers and masters. Each one shares a little of his knowledge and experiences and they all grow together.

                  I depend on a browser that assists me with the built-in translator, so, as has been taught here several times, “Ungoogled-Chromium” seems to be the best option.

                  Regarding people’s customs, this is problematic, taking the person out of what he understands is his comfort zone, is complicated and makes it difficult to start antiX. So, when a user is able to have what they are used to seeing in Windows, working perfectly with antiX, it solves this problem of migrating from one operating system to another. The other example that I can cite is the case of Internet Explorer, which for a long time was the most used internet browser, not because of its quality, but because of its advertising and because it came pre-installed on Windows. I know that in Europe, Microsoft could not force the user to use Internet Explorer, due to the long legal process. Then came Google Chrome with a devastating advertisement and it still comes pre-installed on the Android operating system. History repeats itself … ignorance or lack of information promotes the use of the “new” internet browser that is in fashion.

                  I suggest that, we could avoid the expression “refugees” from Windows, it seems to be a very hostile word, I think it is preferable to write ex Windows users. We have to remember that, several people do not know what Windows, Android or what are the thousands of Linux and BSD distributions, many people do not know what an operating system is. I know many people who do not know the meaning of the word windows in Portuguese.

                  PPC, Xecure, do an excellent job in producing GUI programs that allow to lessen the impact of the user in the transition from one operating system to the other.

                  I don’t know what job Bobc is doing? I would like to know.

                  I am glad that you are able to collaborate with the translation into your languages, I am doing this in every program I have contact with, whether with the Xecure, PPC or Robin programs. We need to increase this team to internationalize all antiX programs to the maximum.

                  Programs translated into Brazilian Portuguese until today (01/24/2021): Tint2 version PPC, antix-wifi-switch, antix-cloud, yad-calendar, SpaceFM (file “session”), set_time-and_date , TIM, TIM from PPC Tint2, icon add to desktop, trash icon for antiX, control-panel (unofficial), unplugdrive and tell-device.

                  Robin proposed a simpler way for us to do the translation of several antiX programs that do not yet have a translation or are not on the transifex website. I hope that the proposal for a model will be accepted and approved by the team, because the form he used in the tell-device program is very easy for anyone to collaborate with the translation. It also has another technique of translating to several languages ​​in the same “.sh” script file.

                  (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


                  Olá ModdIt,

                  Eu vi agora a pouco a sua postagem. Eu acho que cabe algumas explicações.

                  Eu não posso falar por todos no Brasil, pois somos em mais de 200 milhões de pessoas, com acesso a informação em condições extremamente diferentes… Então eu vou falar por mim e por aquilo que eu observo.

                  As informações a respeito da invasão de privacidade eu venho adquirindo com todos os amigos e colegas deste fórum, o meu aprendizado aqui é diário. Temos excelentes pessoas aqui, vários professores e mestres. Cada um compartilha um pouco do seu conhecimento e experiências e todos crescem juntos.

                  Eu dependo de um navegador que me auxilie com o tradutor embutido, então, como já foi ensinado aqui várias vezes, o “Ungoogled-Chromium” parece ser a melhor opção.

                  Sobre os costumes das pessoas, isso é algo problemático, retirar a pessoa do que ela entende que é a sua zona de conforto, é algo complicado e que dificulta a iniciação no antiX. Então, quando um usuário consegue ter aquilo que está acostumado a ver no Windows, funcionado perfeitamente no antiX, resolve este problema da migração de um sistema operacional para o outro. O outro exemplo que eu posso citar, é o caso do Internet Explorer que foi por muito tempo o navegador de internet mais utilizado, não devido a sua qualidade, mas devido a sua propaganda e por vir pré instalado no Windows. Eu sei que na Europa, a Microsoft não podia forçar o usuário ter que usar o Internet Explorer, devido ao longo processo judicial. Depois veio o Google Chrome com uma propaganda arrasadora e ainda vem pré instalado no sistema operacional Android. A história se repete … a ignorância ou a falta de informação promovem o uso do “novo” navegador de internet que está na moda.

                  Eu sugiro que, poderíamos evitar a expressão “refugiados” do Windows, parece ser uma palavra muito hostil, eu acho que seja preferível escrevermos ex usuários do Windows. Temos que nos lembrar que, diversas pessoas não sabem o que é o Windows, o Android ou o que são as milhares de distribuições Linux e BSD, muitas pessoas não sabem o que é um sistema operacional. Eu conheço muitas pessoas que não sabem o significado da palavra windows em idioma português.

                  O PPC, o Xecure, fazem um excelente trabalho na produção de programas GUI que permitem diminuir o impacto do usuário na transição de um sistema operacional para o outro.

                  Eu não sei qual é trabalho que Bobc está fazendo? Eu gostaria de saber.

                  Eu fico contente que você esteja podendo colaborar com a tradução para os seus idiomas, eu estou fazendo isso em cada programa que eu tenho contato, seja com os programas do Xecure, PPC ou do Robin. Precisamos aumentar esta equipe para internacionalizar ao máximo todas os programas do antiX.

                  Programas traduzidos para o idioma Português do Brasil até o dia de hoje (24-01-2021): Tint2 versão PPC, antix-wifi-switch, antix-cloud, yad-calendar, SpaceFM (arquivo “session”), set_time-and_date, TIM, TIM do Tint2 do PPC, icon add to desktop, ícone da lixeira para o antiX, control-panel (unofficial), unplugdrive e o tell-device.

                  O Robin propôs uma forma mais simples para podermos fazer a tradução de vários programas do antiX que ainda não possuem tradução ou que não estão no site transifex. Eu espero que a proposta de um modelo seja aceita e aprovada pela equipe, pois a forma que ele utilizou no programa tell-device é muito fácil para qualquer pessoa poder colaborar com a tradução. Ele possui também, uma outra técnica de traduzir para vários idiomas em um mesmo arquivo de script “.sh”.

                  (Texto original em Português do Brasil)


                    It’s really “off topic”, Marcelo, but here is my opinion:
                    -Most people that offer their scripts/applications here are not programmers- I’m completely self taught, that’s why my code is a mess most of the time- and we all do stuff our own way… There’s no single standard, most of the time, except that anticapitalista looks at some piece of code and thinks: “hummm, antiX needs this feature, let’s add it to the mix, and put it in transifex so it gets translated, and everyone can use this in their own language” (sorry for putting words in your mouth, anti, it’s a figure of speech).
                    In my mind, worrying about translations is doubling the work for the “programmer”- if he/she wants to code, code, produce something useful, then let the dev team worry about the official translation… That being said, I often code in English (so as many people as possible can use my scripts) or do that in my own language, if it’s for my own use or someone I know that particularly needs that script.
                    Don’t worry so much about not having everything instantly available in your (our) own language- worry first that scripts/GUIs/Programs are getting written, then wait for them to get translated!

                    PS: and don’t worry about what BobC does- he does all he can: ever noticed the “Recent files menu” on IcewM? Or the new login screen the antiX 21 alpha? That also works, out of the box with HiDPI screens, or helps fix bugs in IceWM or…
                    Now, how does that matter to you what brilliant mind(s) managed to do all that? We are all a team here!



                      Hello PPC and Everyone

                      If i can get the config files up, then altogether,
                      share my trial: it started with your enthusiasm for tint2,,
                      xsol solitaire not installed by default.
                      key SuperL linked to fluxbox workspaces menu command in /keys.
                      remote actions allowed.
                      fluxbox menusearch itemstart.
                      install drill-search-gtk.
                      Launcher script for drill; executable create file in location /opt/.
                      Put opened drill window into a location and ask fluxbox windowmenu to Remember the window.
                      No use of Desktop 12 Layer override for app tint2.


                      WINID=$(wmctrl -lx | awk '/drill-search-gtk.Drill-search-gtk/ {print $1}')
                      if [ $WINID ]; then
                          wmctrl -iR $WINID &
                       #  exit 0  
                          drill-search-gtk &
                       #  exit 0 
                      #drill-search-gtk PROGRAM single instance trial

                        send tint…



                          [begin] (--antiX--)
                              [exec] (Terminal) {desktop-defaults-run -t} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/terminal.png>
                              [exec] (File Manager) {desktop-defaults-run -fm} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/file-manager.png>
                              [exec] (iBrowser) {desktop-defaults-run -b} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/web-browser.png>
                              [exec] (Editor) {desktop-defaults-run -te} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/text-editor.png>    
                              [submenu] (Personal) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/corebird.png>
                                  [begin] (Personal)
                                  [include] (~/.fluxbox/personal)
                              [submenu] (Applications) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications.png>
                                  [begin] (Applications)
                                  [include] (~/.fluxbox/menu-applications)
                              [submenu] (S Application) {S} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications.png>
                              [submenu] () {Select} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications.png>
                                  [begin] (Applications)
                                  [include] (~/.fluxbox/menu-applications)
                              [submenu] (Desktop) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/user-desktop.png>
                                  [submenu] (Other Desktops) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/user-desktop.png>
                                      [begin] (Other Desktops)
                                      [include] (/usr/share/desktop-session/wm-menus/fluxbox-wm-menu)
                                  [exec] (RoxPanel on/off) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-panel.png>
                                  [exec] (Conky on/off) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/utilities-system-monitor.png>
                              [ShowDesktop] (;D) 
                              [workspaces] (w    m)
                              [ClientMenu] (m    c)
                              [exec] (xKill Window) {xkill} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/appkill.png>
                          !    [exec] (Refresh Menu) {desktop-menu --write-out-global} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/update-manager.png>
                              [exec] (Control Centre) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/control-center2.png>
                              [exec] (Exit) {desktop-session-exit} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/application-exit.png>
                              [submenu] (Help) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/help-browser.png>
                                  [submenu] (antiX) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/places/folder.png>
                                      [exec] (antiX Videos) {dillo /usr/share/antiX/antix_help_videos.html}
                                      [exec] (antiX FAQ) {dillo /usr/share/antiX/FAQ/index.html}
                                      [exec] (antiX-live How-To) {dillo /usr/share/antiX/Boot_Menu/antiX-gfxboot.html}
                                      [exec] (Rox Manual) {dillo /usr/share/doc/rox-filer/html/Manual.html}
                                      [exec] (Announcements) {dillo}
                                      [exec] ( {dillo}
                                      [exec] (MX/antiX Wiki) {dillo}
                                  [submenu] (Fluxbox) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/places/folder.png>
                                      [exec] (Docs) {dillo}
                                      [exec] (FAQ) {dillo}
                                      [exec] (Fluxbox Wiki) {dillo}
                                      [exec] (Arch Wiki) {dillo}
                                  [submenu] (Applications) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/places/folder.png>
                                      [exec] (Firewall) {dillo}
                                      [exec] (Partimage) {dillo}
                                  [submenu] (Man Pages) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/places/folder.png>
                                      [exec] (Irssi) {desktop-defaults-run -t man irssi}
                                      [exec] (mc) {desktop-defaults-run -t man mc}
                                      [exec] (mocp) {desktop-defaults-run -t man mocp}
                                      [exec] (Nano) {desktop-defaults-run -t man nano}
                                      [exec] (Rss/Atom) {desktop-defaults-run -t man newsboat}
                                      [exec] (Terminal) {desktop-defaults-run -t man urxvt}
                                      [exec] (Torrent) {desktop-defaults-run -t man rtorrent}
                              [submenu] (Fluxbox Settings) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-system.png>
                                  [config] (Configuration)
                                  [submenu] (Styles)
                                      [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
                                      [stylesmenu] (Fluxbox Styles) {/usr/share/fluxbox/styles}
                                  [workspaces] (Workspaces)
                                  [reconfig] (Reconfigure)
                                  [restart] (Restart)
                              [exec] (.App Catalog) {su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/synaptic} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/status/view-private.png>
                              [exec] ('App Select) {/usr/local/bin/app-select} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-searchtool.png>
                              [exec] (Runnr fbrun) {fbrun --nearmouse}
                              [commanddialog] (+box execc flux)
                              [exec] (gxdooRun) {gexec} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-run.png>
                                  [CustomMenu] (       slue) {~/.fluxbox/menu-applications}


                            [submenu] (antiX) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/distributor-logo-antix.png>  
                            [exec] (Android Device USB Connect) {/usr/local/bin/} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/smartphone.png>
                            [exec] (antiX Updater) {/usr/local/bin/yad-updater} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/software-sources.png>
                            [exec] (antiX User Manager) {su-to-root -X -c antix-user} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/user-manager.png>
                            [exec] (antiX Wifi Switch) {/usr/local/bin/antix-wifi-switch} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/connman.png>
                            [exec] (Backlight Brightness) {x-terminal-emulator -e backlight-brightness --pause} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/backlight-brightness.png>
                            [exec] (Chroot Rescue Scan) {x-terminal-emulator -e sudo chroot-rescue-scan --pause} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/rescuetime.png>
                            [exec] (CLI APT-based Package Manager) {x-terminal-emulator -e sudo /usr/local/bin/cli-aptiX --pause} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/system-software-install.png>
                            [exec] (Command Line Control Centre) {x-terminal-emulator -e antiX-cli-cc} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/command-line-control-centre.png>
                            [exec] (Configure Persistence) {su-to-root -X -c persist-config} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/persist-config.png>
                            [exec] (Date and Time) {/usr/local/bin/} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/time.png>
                            [exec] (Format USB) {su-to-root -X -c "formatusb"} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/media-removable.png>
                            [exec] (IceWM Toolbar Icon Manager) {/usr/local/bin/} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/icewm_editor.png>
                            [exec] (ISO Snapshot) {su-to-root -X -c iso-snapshot} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/iso-snapshot.png>
                            [exec] (Live-USB Kernel Updater) {x-terminal-emulator -e sudo /usr/local/bin/live-kernel-updater --pause} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/live-usb-kernel-updater.png>
                            [exec] (Live USB Maker) {su-to-root -X -c live-usb-maker-gui-antix} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/live-usb-maker.png>
                            [exec] (Personal Menu Editor) {/usr/local/bin/} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/icewm_peditor.png>
                            [exec] (Remaster) {su-to-root -X -c live-remaster} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/remastersys.png>
                            [exec] (Save Persistence Changes) {su-to-root -X -c persist-save} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/palimpsest.png>
                            [exec] (Set up Persistence) {su-to-root -X -c persist-makefs} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/persist-makefs.png>
                            [exec] (yad-color) {yad-color} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gcolor2.png>
                            [submenu] (Accessories) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-accessories.png>  
                            [exec] (Archive Manager) {file-roller } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/file-roller.png>
                            [exec] (Calcurse) {desktop-defaults-run -t calcurse} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/evolution-calendar.png>
                            [exec] (CherryTree) {cherrytree } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/cherrytree.png>
                            [exec] (ClipIt) {clipit} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/clipit-trayicon.png>
                            [exec] (Drill) {/usr/bin/drill-search-gtk} </usr/share/pixmaps/drill-search-gtk.svg>
                            [exec] (Firejail Configuration Wizard) {firejail-ui} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/firejail-ui.png>
                            [exec] (Galculator) {galculator} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/galculator.png>
                            [exec] (Leafpad) {leafpad } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/leafpad.png>
                            [exec] (Midnight Commander Editor) {x-terminal-emulator -e mcedit} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/MidnightCommander.png>
                            [exec] (Other Desktops) {/usr/local/lib/desktop-session/desktop-session-menu-window ignore-settings} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/user-desktop.png>
                            [exec] (Rxvt Color Unicode Terminal) {urxvt} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/terminal.png>
                            [exec] (Searchmonkey) {searchmonkey} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/searchmonkey.png>
                            [exec] (SpaceFM File Search) {spacefm --find-files } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/spacefm-find.png>
                            [exec] (Updater) {/usr/bin/apt-notifier-unhide-Icon} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/update-notifier.png>
                            [exec] (Xfburn) {xfburn} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/stock_xfburn.png>
                            [submenu] (Games) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-games.png>  
                            [exec] (DOSBox Emulator) {dosbox} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/dosbox.png>
                            [exec] (Gweled) {gweled} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gweled.png>
                            [exec] (Mahjongg) {gnome-mahjongg} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-mahjongg.png>
                            [exec] (X Solitaire) {/usr/games/xsol} </usr/share/pixmaps/xsol.png>
                            [submenu] (Graphics) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-graphics.png>  
                            [exec] (Gtkam Digital Camera Browser) {gtkam} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gtkam-camera.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Draw) {libreoffice --draw } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-draw.png>
                            [exec] (Mirage) {mirage } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mirage.png>
                            [exec] (mtPaint Graphic Editor) {mtpaint } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mtpaint.png>
                            [exec] (Screenshot) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-screenshot.png>
                            [exec] (Simple Scan) {simple-scan} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/scanner.png>
                            [submenu] (Internet) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-system-network.png>  
                            [exec] (Ceni) {desktop-defaults-run -t su-to-root -c /usr/sbin/Ceni} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/ceni.png>
                            [exec] (Claws Mail) {claws-mail } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/claws-mail.png>
                            [exec] (Connectshares) {connectshares} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/connectshares.png>
                            [exec] (Connectshares Configuration) {connectshares-config} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/connectshares-config.png>
                            [exec] (Connman UI Setup) {cmst} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-system-network.png>
                            [exec] (Dillo) {dillo } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/dillo.png>
                            [exec] (Disconnectshares) {disconnectshares} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/disconnectshares.png>
                            [exec] (Droopy) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/droopy.png>
                            [exec] (Firefox ESR) {/usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/firefox-esr.png>
                            [exec] (gFTP) {gftp-gtk } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gftp.png>
                            [exec] (GNOME PPP) {gnome-ppp} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-ppp.png>
                            [exec] (GPRS-EDGE-UMTS-Panel) {umts-panel} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/nm-device-wireless.png>
                            [exec] (HexChat) {hexchat --existing } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/hexchat.png>
                            [exec] (Links 2) {xlinks2} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/links2.png>
                            [exec] (Modem Manager GUI) {modem-manager-gui} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/modem-manager-gui.png>
                            [exec] (Search Bar) {search-bar} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/eye-icon.png>
                            [exec] (Transmission) {transmission-gtk } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/transmission.png>
                            [exec] (WPA Gui) {/usr/sbin/wpa_gui} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/wpa_gui.png>
                            [submenu] (Multimedia) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-multimedia.png>  
                            [exec] (Alsamixer) {x-terminal-emulator -e alsamixer} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/alsamixer-equalizer.png>
                            [exec] (Alsamixer Equalizer) {x-terminal-emulator -e alsamixer -D equalizer} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/alsamixer-equalizer.png>
                            [exec] (Asunder CD Ripper) {asunder } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/asunder.png>
                            [exec] (Celluloid) {celluloid } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/io.github.celluloid_player.Celluloid.png>
                            [exec] (GUVCView) {guvcview} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/guvcview.png>
                            [exec] (MPS-YouTube) {x-terminal-emulator -e mpsyt } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/youtube.png>
                            [exec] (MPV Media Player) {mpv --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui -- } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mpv.png>
                            [exec] (Poor Man's Radio Player) {x-terminal-emulator -e pmrp} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/library-internet-radio.png>
                            [exec] (SMTube) {smtube} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/smtube.png>
                            [exec] (Sound Card Chooser) {alsa-set-default-card} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/soundcard.png>
                            [exec] (Speaker Test) {x-terminal-emulator -e speaker-test --channels 2 --test wav --nloops 3} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-desktop-sound.png>
                            [exec] (Streamlight) {} </usr/share/pixmaps/streamlight-gui-launcher.png>
                            [exec] (Streamtuner2) {streamtuner2} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/streamtuner2.png>
                            [exec] (WinFF) {winff } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/winff.png>
                            [exec] (Xfburn) {xfburn} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/stock_xfburn.png>
                            [exec] (XMMS) {xmms} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/xmms.png>
                            [submenu] (Office) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-office.png>  
                            [exec] (LibreOffice) {libreoffice } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-startcenter.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Calc) {libreoffice --calc } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-calc.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Draw) {libreoffice --draw } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-draw.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Impress) {libreoffice --impress } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-impress.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Math) {libreoffice --math } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-math.png>
                            [exec] (LibreOffice Writer) {libreoffice --writer } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/libreoffice-writer.png>
                            [exec] (qpdfview) {qpdfview --unique } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/qpdfview.png>
                            [submenu] (Preferences) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-desktop.png>  
                            [exec] (Adblock) {su-to-root -X -c} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/advert-block.png>
                            [exec] (Add Key) {add-key} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-desktop-keyboard-shortcuts.png>
                            [exec] (Add Menu Item) {add-desktop} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/add-menu-item.png>
                            [exec] (ADSL/PPPOE Configuration) {x-terminal-emulator -e /usr/sbin/pppoeconf} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/pppoeconf.png>
                            [exec] (Alternatives Configurator) {/usr/bin/galternatives} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/galternatives.png>
                            [exec] (ARandR) {arandr} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/display.png>
                            [exec] (Bluetooth Manager) {blueman-manager} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/blueman.png>
                            [exec] (Configure Automount) {automount-config} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mountbox.png>
                            [exec] (Connman UI Setup) {cmst} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-system-network.png>
                            [exec] (Customize Look and Feel) {lxappearance} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-desktop-theme.png>
                            [exec] (Disk Manager) {su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/disk-manager} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/disk-manager.png>
                            [exec] (Firewall Configuration) {gufw} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gufw.png>
                            [exec] (Keyboard Layouts) {gksu fskbsetting} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/im-chooser.png>
                            [exec] (Lxkeymap) {lxkeymap} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/input-keyboard.png>
                            [exec] (Menu Manager) {sudo} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/menu-editor.png>
                            [exec] (Mouse Configuration) {ds-mouse} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/input-mouse.png>
                            [exec] (Print Settings) {system-config-printer} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/devices/printer.png>
                            [exec] (Qt5 Settings) {qt5ct} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/qtcreator.png>
                            [exec] (Remove Menu Item) {remove-desktop} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/remove-menu-item.png>
                            [exec] (Screenlight) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/screenlight.png>
                            [exec] (Set Font Size DPI) {gksu set-dpi} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/fonts.png>
                            [exec] (Synaptic Package Manager) {su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/synaptic} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/synaptic.png>
                            [exec] (Tint2 Settings) {tint2conf} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/tint2conf.png>
                            [exec] (Wallpaper) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-desktop-wallpaper.png>
                            [exec] (Windows Wireless Drivers) {su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/ndisgtk} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/ndisgtk.png>
                            [submenu] (Programming) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-development.png>  
                            [exec] (Geany) {geany } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/geany.png>
                            [exec] (Vim.tiny) {desktop-defaults-run -t vim } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/vim.png>
                            [submenu] (System) </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/preferences-system.png>  
                            [exec] (App Select) {/usr/local/bin/app-select} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-searchtool.png>
                            [exec] (Boot Repair) {su-to-root -X -c bootrepair} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/bootrepair.png>
                            [exec] (Choose Startup Services) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/choose-startup-services.png>
                            [exec] (Codecs Installer) {su-to-root -X -c codecs} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/codecs.png>
                            [exec] (Control Centre) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/control-centre.png>
                            [exec] (Firetools) {firetools} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/firetools.png>
                            [exec] (GDebi Package Installer) {gksudo gdebi-gtk } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/mimetypes/gnome-mime-application-x-deb.png>
                            [exec] (GParted) {gksu gparted} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gparted.png>
                            [exec] (Grsync) {/usr/bin/grsync -i } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/grsync.png>
                            [exec] (Htop) {x-terminal-emulator -e htop} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/htop.png>
                            [exec] (luckyBackup) {/usr/bin/luckybackup} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/luckybackup.png>
                            [exec] (luckyBackup as Super User) {su-to-root -X -c /usr/bin/luckybackup} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/luckybackup.png>
                            [exec] (Midnight Commander) {x-terminal-emulator -e mc} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/MidnightCommander.png>
                            [exec] (Modem Manager GUI) {modem-manager-gui} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/modem-manager-gui.png>
                            [exec] (Mountbox) {mountbox} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mountbox.png>
                            [exec] (Network Assistant) {su-to-root -X -c network-assistant} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/network-assistant.png>
                            [exec] (Nvidia driver installer) {desktop-defaults-run -t su-to-root -c "/usr/local/bin/ddm-mx -i nvidia"} </usr/share/pixmaps/nvidia-ddm-mx.png>
                            [exec] (Package Installer) {su-to-root -X -c packageinstaller} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/packageinstaller.png>
                            [exec] (PC Information) {inxi-gui} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/info_blue.png>
                            [exec] (Repo Manager) {su-to-root -X -c repo-manager} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/repo-manager.png>
                            [exec] (Root Terminal) {gksu /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gksu-root-terminal.png>
                            [exec] (ROX Filer) {rox-filer} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/rox-filer.png>
                            [exec] (ROX Filer as root) {su-to-root -X -c rox-filer} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/places/folder-red.png>
                            [exec] (ROXTerm) {roxterm} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/roxterm.png>
                            [exec] (SpaceFM) {spacefm } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/spacefm.png>
                            [exec] (Task Manager) {lxtask} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/utilities-system-monitor.png>
                            [exec] (Tint2) {tint2} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/tint2.png>
                            [nop] (    hello ) 
                            [rootmenu] (  ) 

                              the begin and end added while creating entry named space,space for alphabetic name spacebar.
                              If When hello disappear demonstrates these begin and end words need adding again after a /menu-applications update.
                              the file above has these added. To qualify as CustomMenu.
                              add first line: [begin}
                              add last lines:
                              [nop] ( hello )
                              [rootmenu] ( space,space )
                              Optional manual update of custommenu method /custommenu file create paste menu-applications between those tags to qualify /custummenu and manually change paste between tags, after refresh of any menu-applications system updated file. Point custommenu to /custommenu.

                              use these together as a kit; they work together.
                              substitue trial trile file for tint2rc, .fluxbox/menu, .fluxbox/menu-applications
                              Create the file /opt/drill-search-gtk/drilllaunch. (keep this working while compare example to the network button command example(?).)
                              Put the cursor on the tint2 launcher for Menu at the left end of tint2 panel and roll the scrollwheel. click, click, click. tap, tap, tap. spacebar, enter. spacebar, click. scrollwheel. have fun.

                              To show rootmenu right-click in desktop, tint2 menu button l or r click, scroll up down, alt+r. +6
                              To highlight menu item direct key (spacebar this) alphabetically, tab, up down arrow, hover (mouse movement). 5X
                              To select highlighted menu item l or r click, scroll up down, key enter. 5X
                              This rootmenu duplicates the Applications menu twice (named Select and space,space.) That is 81 ways to get to the applications menu.
                              add 31 ways to get to the app select, gexec, fbrun. each. add one appselect and one drill in the applications menu.
                              add two ways for drill, is 178 ways to select an installed application. (?)

                              The S Applications is to detach the smallest pop out first submenu. detach the small button. put it anywhere. It can be smaller without a pixmap. pull it from menu drag to anywhere, it is portable start button. or Detach the bigger submenu submenu Select pop out, flyout menu, for placement anywhere. Part-way, semi-hidden off the screen right can make it a icon-only dock-look-impression, menu flyout on hover, it is the fluxbox menu. sub to submenu come up in different Layer make possible two-row dock-style launchers on right screen-edge with detached submenu parts.

                              In rootmenu the Desktop area, show desktop, show workspace menu, show client window list.

                              rootmenu unique first character in name for direct key highlight.
                              bottom entry is Applications menu on CustomMenu. First entry from botttom, gexec.
                              rootmenu weighted top to center and plus bottom to center. Alongside tint2 Launchers, at bottom.
                              For the tint2 Menu button on bottom bar.

                              tint2 Menu button r or l click, scrollwheel up or down brings rootmenu.
                              show username, machine.
                              drill left or right click.
                              launchers left click.
                              skippy left click, its right click is fluxbox clientmenu list. it sits next to taskbar.
                              far right end Showdesktop r or l click, middle cllck workspace menu, scroll down for next workspace.


                                Hi all, Got this downloaded tonight. Will give it a try this weekend.

                                Marcelo, I’ve been busy working mostly. I work mostly designing, programming and implementing business systems, but like PPC I am self taught, and learn by doing, making mistakes, and trying again, many, many times it seems. I am learning Linux programming a little at a time.

                                In the Linux world I have been tweaking and testing things, like my new IceWM antiX-Magic theme set, and both the slim login theme revisions and Xecure’s autoscale-antix to support HiDPI and multiple displays.

                                For Dave, along with testing the revised App-Select, I’ve created a set of Custom Right Click options. I should make a video how to set it up because it is pretty tricky. I am trying to make them pretty generic. The options I added can:

                                1. add the item to your active desktop (rox or spacefm),
                                2. add it to your toolbar, or
                                3. add it to your personal menu.

                                I also helped with the new sleeker IceWM main menu where the 4 IceWM settings options get consolidated to 1 sub-menu.

                                I also did the testing for Midnight Commander Editor automatic cascading windows for editing multiple files for Gnome.

                                I have to be careful to limit the difficulty of what I attempt to work on and try to keep things as simple as I can while still making them better.

                                PS: I am interested in trying PPC’s fluxbox setup because I have to use Win/10 all day and the more similar my Linux setup is to my work setup, the more comfortable it is to work on.

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                                Daily driver distro


                                  I did get it installed and running. I do like tint2’s configuration program, but didn’t understand all of it. Can’t really type now (I’m working today), but just wanted to say I got it installed and working successfully.

                                  I’ll play with it more tonight…


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                                  Daily driver distro

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