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    Brian Masinick

      Hi PPC! My view is that your tools are an excellent add-on for anyone who wants more features without a lot of additional bloat.

      I don’t have a lot of suggestions; I typically “do my own thing”, so my use cases are not often the same as other people, but I affirm everything that you are doing, and I also encourage others participate in the discussion, and if we have any other contributors who have either ideas or scripts of their own to share, I think that these are very helpful community tools and discussions.

      Thanks you for being so helpful in sharing your thoughts and your contributions!

      Brian Masinick


        Dear PPC,

        I use FT10 all the time.

        About the keyboard shortcuts – Windows key + arrow – I gave the shortcuts for Fluxbox and it works really well in FT10.
        See my thread in the forum;

        You don’t need to program anything special for FT10.

        Regarding the red circle around the mouse pointer, it’s great if you could put it in the FT10 package.

        What I would like to see in FT10 is the “PrtScn” and “Calculator” keys which should be automatically activated. My “PrtScn” key does not call up the program for making screenshots and my “Calculator” key does not call up the Galculator program.

        I would also like to understand why Google Chrome does not work well in the Fluxbox environment. I can’t click on the antiX forum menu to get the “Recent Posts”. This has nothing to do with your nice program, I am aware of that.

        Best regards,


          I would also like to understand why Google Chrome does not work well in the Fluxbox environment. I can’t click on the antiX forum menu to get the “Recent Posts”. This has nothing to do with your nice program, I am aware of that.

          At the time when I reported this about two years ago this issue affected also IceWM. In the course of time it was fixed for IceWM but apparently not for Fluxbox as yet…
          In terms of understanding what is causing this issue, originally it was attributed to some handling of mouse clicks on Google Chrome/Chromium. You can find details searching those original posts from about two years ago of this forum under something like ‘Drop down menu items’.
          JWM unlike Fluxbox and IceWM never had this issue.

          Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


            My “PrtScn” key does not call up the program for making screenshots and my “Calculator” key does not call up the Galculator program.

            Yes- I guess the devs forgot about the PrtScn key when creating our fluxbox “keys” file- to solve that:
            Menu > Control Center > Fluxbox … > “Keys” tab

            Make sure that it has a line similar to this, then save the changes and restart fluxbox:
            Print : Exec

            The “calculator” key is not a standard key – I never even seen one, but I have an old ps2 keyboard that has extra programmable keys (like Browser, Search, etc), so I assume you are refering to that…
            You can map that key to launch any application you want and insert the corresponding line in the “keys” file…
            I can’t help you out on that, right now, but, to discover the “keycode” for the key you want, use the “xev” command – open a terminal, run “xev” and press a key. Info on the key you just pressed should be displayed in the terminal. The important info is, you guessed it, “keycode”- write it down and close the terminal. Then create a new line in Fluxbox’s key’s file (adapt for other window managers:

            [number_of_key_code] :Exec galculator

            In my case, I mapped the “Pause Break” key to summon the calculator, with the line:

            127 :Exec galculator

            As always, save the changes to the config file and restart your window manager, then test if it works- I just tested and both keys work great on my desktop computer.

            Note: if when you use xev, you press your “calculator” key and nothing shows up on the terminal- then Linux does not “understand” that key- that happens on my “special keys”, on my ps2 keyboard…

            Edit: as you can see, you can use a combination of “xev” to discover the keycode for any special key, app-select to find the exact command that is used to run any installed app (it’s indicated in the Exec: line), and editing the “keys” (example for Fluxbox) file to create a key to launch any application you want, following the template:
            [key_code] :Exec [executable_file]

            (You can even launch appimage files that way, I guess)


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            • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by PPC.

              Dear PPC,

              I am shocked. Have you never seen a keyboard with a calculator key?
              Everyone who works with numbers needs that key.
              I use Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 sold since 2014 for 15€ for my desktop. Please click on the screenshot.
              My Dell Latidude 5590 laptop also has a calculator key.

              I know that gamers do not need this key …
              No, but seriously!

              Kind regards,

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                Please click on the screenshot.

                Live and learn 🙂
                I can see how that key, right above the numeric keypad can be handy to use the computer as a calculator in a extremely fast and intuitive way… but more important than that info- were you able to follow my instructions and use the Print screen and Calculator keys in Fluxbox?



                  Dear PPC,

                  Sorry, I forgot to confirm that everything was perfect for my 2 keyboard keys “Printscreen” and “Calcultor”.
                  Your explanations were really complete.

                  Here are all the lines I added to the “Keys” file in FT10 (Fluxbox).

                  !Move windows vertically or horizontally ajouté par Wallon
                  Mod4 111 :MacroCmd {ResizeTo 100% 50%} {MoveTo 00 00 Up}
                  Mod4 113 :MacroCmd {ResizeTo 50% 100%} {MoveTo 00 00 Left}
                  Mod4 114 :MacroCmd {ResizeTo 50% 100%} {MoveTo 00 00 Right}
                  Mod4 116 :MacroCmd {ResizeTo 100% 50%} {MoveTo 00 00 Bottom}
                  !Highlight mouse pointer Ctrl+Alt+m
                  Control Mod1 m :ExecCommand ou
                  !Key shortcut for printscreen
                  Print :Exec
                  !Key shortcut for calculator
                  148 :Exec galculator

                  Thank you very much for your support.

                  Best regards,



                    none of my keyboards have ever had a “calculator” key. But I do have a couple of laptops that have a key to engage the imbedded “number pad” keys. Usually it is all highlighted in blue. My desktop keyboards already have that “calculator” sitting there and it is engaged by the Num Lock key. I guess it is a regional thing. (I am in US, English keyboard)



                      Dear Seaken64,

                      Thanks for your information.

                      On the Microsoft 600 keyboard, the calculator key is considered an independent key. It is not linked to the numeric keypad, you don’t have to activate the NumLock key to activate the calculator key.

                      On my Dell Latitude 5590 laptop, the calculator key is also independent.

                      Best regards,


                        There is a list of all the standard keys, and the calculator key is one of them. This is from: /usr/include/X11/XF86keysym.h

                         * XFree86 vendor specific keysyms.
                         * The XFree86 keysym range is 0x10080001 - 0x1008FFFF.
                         * X.Org will not be adding to the XF86 set of keysyms, though they have
                         * been adopted and are considered a "standard" part of X keysym definitions.
                         * XFree86 never properly commented these keysyms, so we have done our
                         * best to explain the semantic meaning of these keys.
                         * XFree86 has removed their mail archives of the period, that might have
                         * shed more light on some of these definitions. Until/unless we resurrect
                         * these archives, these are from memory and usage.
                         * ModeLock
                         * This one is old, and not really used any more since XKB offers this
                         * functionality.
                        #define XF86XK_ModeLock		0x1008FF01	/* Mode Switch Lock */
                        /* Backlight controls. */
                        #define XF86XK_MonBrightnessUp    0x1008FF02  /* Monitor/panel brightness */
                        #define XF86XK_MonBrightnessDown  0x1008FF03  /* Monitor/panel brightness */
                        #define XF86XK_KbdLightOnOff      0x1008FF04  /* Keyboards may be lit     */
                        #define XF86XK_KbdBrightnessUp    0x1008FF05  /* Keyboards may be lit     */
                        #define XF86XK_KbdBrightnessDown  0x1008FF06  /* Keyboards may be lit     */
                        #define XF86XK_MonBrightnessCycle 0x1008FF07  /* Monitor/panel brightness */
                         * Keys found on some "Internet" keyboards.
                        #define XF86XK_Standby		0x1008FF10   /* System into standby mode   */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioLowerVolume	0x1008FF11   /* Volume control down        */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioMute	0x1008FF12   /* Mute sound from the system */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioRaiseVolume	0x1008FF13   /* Volume control up          */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioPlay	0x1008FF14   /* Start playing of audio >   */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioStop	0x1008FF15   /* Stop playing audio         */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioPrev	0x1008FF16   /* Previous track             */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioNext	0x1008FF17   /* Next track                 */
                        #define XF86XK_HomePage		0x1008FF18   /* Display user's home page   */
                        #define XF86XK_Mail		0x1008FF19   /* Invoke user's mail program */
                        #define XF86XK_Start		0x1008FF1A   /* Start application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Search		0x1008FF1B   /* Search                     */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioRecord	0x1008FF1C   /* Record audio application   */
                        /* These are sometimes found on PDA's (e.g. Palm, PocketPC or elsewhere)   */
                        #define XF86XK_Calculator	0x1008FF1D   /* Invoke calculator program  */
                        #define XF86XK_Memo		0x1008FF1E   /* Invoke Memo taking program */
                        #define XF86XK_ToDoList		0x1008FF1F   /* Invoke To Do List program  */
                        #define XF86XK_Calendar		0x1008FF20   /* Invoke Calendar program    */
                        #define XF86XK_PowerDown	0x1008FF21   /* Deep sleep the system      */
                        #define XF86XK_ContrastAdjust	0x1008FF22   /* Adjust screen contrast     */
                        #define XF86XK_RockerUp		0x1008FF23   /* Rocker switches exist up   */
                        #define XF86XK_RockerDown	0x1008FF24   /* and down                   */
                        #define XF86XK_RockerEnter	0x1008FF25   /* and let you press them     */
                        /* Some more "Internet" keyboard symbols */
                        #define XF86XK_Back		0x1008FF26   /* Like back on a browser     */
                        #define XF86XK_Forward		0x1008FF27   /* Like forward on a browser  */
                        #define XF86XK_Stop		0x1008FF28   /* Stop current operation     */
                        #define XF86XK_Refresh		0x1008FF29   /* Refresh the page           */
                        #define XF86XK_PowerOff		0x1008FF2A   /* Power off system entirely  */
                        #define XF86XK_WakeUp		0x1008FF2B   /* Wake up system from sleep  */
                        #define XF86XK_Eject            0x1008FF2C   /* Eject device (e.g. DVD)    */
                        #define XF86XK_ScreenSaver      0x1008FF2D   /* Invoke screensaver         */
                        #define XF86XK_WWW              0x1008FF2E   /* Invoke web browser         */
                        #define XF86XK_Sleep            0x1008FF2F   /* Put system to sleep        */
                        #define XF86XK_Favorites	0x1008FF30   /* Show favorite locations    */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioPause	0x1008FF31   /* Pause audio playing        */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioMedia	0x1008FF32   /* Launch media collection app */
                        #define XF86XK_MyComputer	0x1008FF33   /* Display "My Computer" window */
                        #define XF86XK_VendorHome	0x1008FF34   /* Display vendor home web site */
                        #define XF86XK_LightBulb	0x1008FF35   /* Light bulb keys exist       */
                        #define XF86XK_Shop		0x1008FF36   /* Display shopping web site   */
                        #define XF86XK_History		0x1008FF37   /* Show history of web surfing */
                        #define XF86XK_OpenURL		0x1008FF38   /* Open selected URL           */
                        #define XF86XK_AddFavorite	0x1008FF39   /* Add URL to favorites list   */
                        #define XF86XK_HotLinks		0x1008FF3A   /* Show "hot" links            */
                        #define XF86XK_BrightnessAdjust	0x1008FF3B   /* Invoke brightness adj. UI   */
                        #define XF86XK_Finance		0x1008FF3C   /* Display financial site      */
                        #define XF86XK_Community	0x1008FF3D   /* Display user's community    */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioRewind	0x1008FF3E   /* "rewind" audio track        */
                        #define XF86XK_BackForward	0x1008FF3F   /* ??? */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch0		0x1008FF40   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch1		0x1008FF41   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch2		0x1008FF42   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch3		0x1008FF43   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch4		0x1008FF44   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch5		0x1008FF45   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch6		0x1008FF46   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch7		0x1008FF47   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch8		0x1008FF48   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_Launch9		0x1008FF49   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchA		0x1008FF4A   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchB		0x1008FF4B   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchC		0x1008FF4C   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchD		0x1008FF4D   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchE		0x1008FF4E   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_LaunchF		0x1008FF4F   /* Launch Application          */
                        #define XF86XK_ApplicationLeft	0x1008FF50   /* switch to application, left */
                        #define XF86XK_ApplicationRight	0x1008FF51   /* switch to application, right*/
                        #define XF86XK_Book		0x1008FF52   /* Launch bookreader           */
                        #define XF86XK_CD		0x1008FF53   /* Launch CD/DVD player        */
                        #define XF86XK_Calculater	0x1008FF54   /* Launch Calculater           */
                        #define XF86XK_Clear		0x1008FF55   /* Clear window, screen        */
                        #define XF86XK_Close		0x1008FF56   /* Close window                */
                        #define XF86XK_Copy		0x1008FF57   /* Copy selection              */
                        #define XF86XK_Cut		0x1008FF58   /* Cut selection               */
                        #define XF86XK_Display		0x1008FF59   /* Output switch key           */
                        #define XF86XK_DOS		0x1008FF5A   /* Launch DOS (emulation)      */
                        #define XF86XK_Documents	0x1008FF5B   /* Open documents window       */
                        #define XF86XK_Excel		0x1008FF5C   /* Launch spread sheet         */
                        #define XF86XK_Explorer		0x1008FF5D   /* Launch file explorer        */
                        #define XF86XK_Game		0x1008FF5E   /* Launch game                 */
                        #define XF86XK_Go		0x1008FF5F   /* Go to URL                   */
                        #define XF86XK_iTouch		0x1008FF60   /* Logitech iTouch- don't use  */
                        #define XF86XK_LogOff		0x1008FF61   /* Log off system              */
                        #define XF86XK_Market		0x1008FF62   /* ??                          */
                        #define XF86XK_Meeting		0x1008FF63   /* enter meeting in calendar   */
                        #define XF86XK_MenuKB		0x1008FF65   /* distinguish keyboard from PB */
                        #define XF86XK_MenuPB		0x1008FF66   /* distinguish PB from keyboard */
                        #define XF86XK_MySites		0x1008FF67   /* Favourites                  */
                        #define XF86XK_New		0x1008FF68   /* New (folder, document...    */
                        #define XF86XK_News		0x1008FF69   /* News                        */
                        #define XF86XK_OfficeHome	0x1008FF6A   /* Office home (old Staroffice)*/
                        #define XF86XK_Open		0x1008FF6B   /* Open                        */
                        #define XF86XK_Option		0x1008FF6C   /* ?? */
                        #define XF86XK_Paste		0x1008FF6D   /* Paste                       */
                        #define XF86XK_Phone		0x1008FF6E   /* Launch phone; dial number   */
                        #define XF86XK_Q		0x1008FF70   /* Compaq's Q - don't use      */
                        #define XF86XK_Reply		0x1008FF72   /* Reply e.g., mail            */
                        #define XF86XK_Reload		0x1008FF73   /* Reload web page, file, etc. */
                        #define XF86XK_RotateWindows	0x1008FF74   /* Rotate windows e.g. xrandr  */
                        #define XF86XK_RotationPB	0x1008FF75   /* don't use                   */
                        #define XF86XK_RotationKB	0x1008FF76   /* don't use                   */
                        #define XF86XK_Save		0x1008FF77   /* Save (file, document, state */
                        #define XF86XK_ScrollUp		0x1008FF78   /* Scroll window/contents up   */
                        #define XF86XK_ScrollDown	0x1008FF79   /* Scrool window/contentd down */
                        #define XF86XK_ScrollClick	0x1008FF7A   /* Use XKB mousekeys instead   */
                        #define XF86XK_Send		0x1008FF7B   /* Send mail, file, object     */
                        #define XF86XK_Spell		0x1008FF7C   /* Spell checker               */
                        #define XF86XK_SplitScreen	0x1008FF7D   /* Split window or screen      */
                        #define XF86XK_Support		0x1008FF7E   /* Get support (??)            */
                        #define XF86XK_TaskPane		0x1008FF7F   /* Show tasks */
                        #define XF86XK_Terminal		0x1008FF80   /* Launch terminal emulator    */
                        #define XF86XK_Tools		0x1008FF81   /* toolbox of desktop/app.     */
                        #define XF86XK_Travel		0x1008FF82   /* ?? */
                        #define XF86XK_UserPB		0x1008FF84   /* ?? */
                        #define XF86XK_User1KB		0x1008FF85   /* ?? */
                        #define XF86XK_User2KB		0x1008FF86   /* ?? */
                        #define XF86XK_Video		0x1008FF87   /* Launch video player       */
                        #define XF86XK_WheelButton	0x1008FF88   /* button from a mouse wheel */
                        #define XF86XK_Word		0x1008FF89   /* Launch word processor     */
                        #define XF86XK_Xfer		0x1008FF8A
                        #define XF86XK_ZoomIn		0x1008FF8B   /* zoom in view, map, etc.   */
                        #define XF86XK_ZoomOut		0x1008FF8C   /* zoom out view, map, etc.  */
                        #define XF86XK_Away		0x1008FF8D   /* mark yourself as away     */
                        #define XF86XK_Messenger	0x1008FF8E   /* as in instant messaging   */
                        #define XF86XK_WebCam		0x1008FF8F   /* Launch web camera app.    */
                        #define XF86XK_MailForward	0x1008FF90   /* Forward in mail           */
                        #define XF86XK_Pictures		0x1008FF91   /* Show pictures             */
                        #define XF86XK_Music		0x1008FF92   /* Launch music application  */
                        #define XF86XK_Battery		0x1008FF93   /* Display battery information */
                        #define XF86XK_Bluetooth	0x1008FF94   /* Enable/disable Bluetooth    */
                        #define XF86XK_WLAN		0x1008FF95   /* Enable/disable WLAN         */
                        #define XF86XK_UWB		0x1008FF96   /* Enable/disable UWB	    */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioForward	0x1008FF97   /* fast-forward audio track    */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioRepeat	0x1008FF98   /* toggle repeat mode          */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioRandomPlay	0x1008FF99   /* toggle shuffle mode         */
                        #define XF86XK_Subtitle		0x1008FF9A   /* cycle through subtitle      */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioCycleTrack	0x1008FF9B   /* cycle through audio tracks  */
                        #define XF86XK_CycleAngle	0x1008FF9C   /* cycle through angles        */
                        #define XF86XK_FrameBack	0x1008FF9D   /* video: go one frame back    */
                        #define XF86XK_FrameForward	0x1008FF9E   /* video: go one frame forward */
                        #define XF86XK_Time		0x1008FF9F   /* display, or shows an entry for time seeking */
                        #define XF86XK_Select		0x1008FFA0   /* Select button on joypads and remotes */
                        #define XF86XK_View		0x1008FFA1   /* Show a view options/properties */
                        #define XF86XK_TopMenu		0x1008FFA2   /* Go to a top-level menu in a video */
                        #define XF86XK_Red		0x1008FFA3   /* Red button                  */
                        #define XF86XK_Green		0x1008FFA4   /* Green button                */
                        #define XF86XK_Yellow		0x1008FFA5   /* Yellow button               */
                        #define XF86XK_Blue             0x1008FFA6   /* Blue button                 */
                        #define XF86XK_Suspend		0x1008FFA7   /* Sleep to RAM                */
                        #define XF86XK_Hibernate	0x1008FFA8   /* Sleep to disk               */
                        #define XF86XK_TouchpadToggle	0x1008FFA9   /* Toggle between touchpad/trackstick */
                        #define XF86XK_TouchpadOn	0x1008FFB0   /* The touchpad got switched on */
                        #define XF86XK_TouchpadOff	0x1008FFB1   /* The touchpad got switched off */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioMicMute	0x1008FFB2   /* Mute the Mic from the system */
                        #define XF86XK_Keyboard		0x1008FFB3   /* User defined keyboard related action */
                        #define XF86XK_WWAN		0x1008FFB4   /* Toggle WWAN (LTE, UMTS, etc.) radio */
                        #define XF86XK_RFKill		0x1008FFB5   /* Toggle radios on/off */
                        #define XF86XK_AudioPreset	0x1008FFB6   /* Select equalizer preset, e.g. theatre-mode */
                        #define XF86XK_RotationLockToggle 0x1008FFB7 /* Toggle screen rotation lock on/off */
                        #define XF86XK_FullScreen	0x1008FFB8   /* Toggle fullscreen */
                        /* Keys for special action keys (hot keys) */
                        /* Virtual terminals on some operating systems */
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_1	0x1008FE01
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_2	0x1008FE02
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_3	0x1008FE03
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_4	0x1008FE04
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_5	0x1008FE05
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_6	0x1008FE06
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_7	0x1008FE07
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_8	0x1008FE08
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_9	0x1008FE09
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_10	0x1008FE0A
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_11	0x1008FE0B
                        #define XF86XK_Switch_VT_12	0x1008FE0C
                        #define XF86XK_Ungrab		0x1008FE20   /* force ungrab               */
                        #define XF86XK_ClearGrab	0x1008FE21   /* kill application with grab */
                        #define XF86XK_Next_VMode	0x1008FE22   /* next video mode available  */
                        #define XF86XK_Prev_VMode	0x1008FE23   /* prev. video mode available */
                        #define XF86XK_LogWindowTree	0x1008FE24   /* print window tree to log   */
                        #define XF86XK_LogGrabInfo	0x1008FE25   /* print all active grabs to log */
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                        Daily driver distro

                        Brian Masinick

                          Yeah, sure, those definitions will perform specific operations if you send the exact hexadecimal digit through the key you press, assuming your keyboard HAS that key!
                          I realized the other day that not only do I lack the right side numeric keys on my laptop keyboard, though I do have number keys above the standard letter keys,function keys above the number keys, and a few navigational keys to the right and in the lower right corner of the keyboard; I also lack (and miss) backlit keys on the system I’m using now.

                          Brian Masinick


                            Well, at least having a list, and trying to map the ones that are on many keyboards is something that can be done. I haven’t messed with Fluxbox or JWM other than to use JWM if I’m recompiling IceWM, though. Fluxbox was always the domain of Skidoo. I am so glad he was here to give us good clues how to do things.

                            I have never used Fluxbox, but could figure it out and propose a standardized antiX layout for the 3 GUI desktops if anticapitalista would like me to.

                            Daily driver distro


                              a standardized antiX layout

                              You are talking about standardized keys files for all 3 desktops? Fluxbox, for example is missing the printscreen keyboard shortcut (that has been reported to anticapitalista already),

                              If you are refering to standardized look and feel, I agree, but it’s hard to do and would confuse most people- for example, the menu already has equivalent entries in all 3 window managers (except the “Recent Files” that work only in IceWM, the icewm toolbar icon manager and other WM related stuff…
                              Fun fact: One thing that I never liked is that our default Fluxbox config does not have a rootmenu in the toolbar and since the Fluxbox default toolbar does not allow for quick launchers, that’s why I began to create FT10 (to run it on top of Fluxbox… I just worked on the script until it worked on all 3 window managers too (for some reason JWM was more problematic)



                                That might be why I never use Fluxbox 🙂 Ignorant ex MS Win users (like me) are left in a puzzled state.

                                I was just saying to make an attempt at standardizing the keys where it wouldn’t CAUSE problems, and bring to light any discrepancies where it would. My guess is anticapitalista will want to decide, or designate someone. I’m hoping the differences will be minor and any changes considered improvements.

                                Daily driver distro

                                Brian Masinick

                                  It’s not surprising at all that the key sequences in the various window managers are quite different; UNLESS a specific distribution modifies the keys in their implementation to provide similar sequences and features across their window manager offerings it’ll never be the same – BUT then someone will not be happy because some feature works differently than it does somewhere else.

                                  The bottom line is that window managers ARE pretty flexible; MOST of them have well defined features and defaults. The challenge is to figure out what the features are, learn how to use them and modify them to suit your own specific needs and interests. That’s the purpose of configurable features.

                                  One thing I appreciated about IceWM and still do is that several of the common keystrokes are nearly the same as they are in the most popular commercial file managers and terminal emulators. Of course these can be changed, just as they can in other window managers. Fluxbox users have many different conventions; those used to using Fluxbox appreciate them; those familiar with other environments have other conventions…

                                  Brian Masinick

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