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      For those interested in my desktop build progress, below are some screenshot links to images of my work on antiX19alpha desktops. The install I am creating has all the traditional antiX Window Managers removed. The two Desktops on this install-set (when released) will only contain XFCE & OpenBox. Currently on this 64-bit antiX setup…
      — XFCE has a RAM footprint of about 340MB (according to htop);
      — Openbox has a footprint of about 290MB (again according to htop).
      — Conky reports slightly higher numbers (about 10MB) due to its different RAM calculation alogorthms.

      As services are turned on and off RAM usage will change. Be advised, Xfce provides native services, not available in OpenBox (out of the box).

      As with all antiX installs, this is completely systemd-free. I have retained most non-windowmanger specific antiX tools. Those I have tested seem to work as they should. I’m sure people will find bugs (when they begin using the desktop & tools).

      I hope to have a snapshot (of this setup) uploaded and available for folks to test in the next few days.

      Here are screen shot links. Note: The capitalized portion of the label represents the image screenshot (window).

      Pax vobiscum,
      Mark Rabideau -
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