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    Thank you for all the feed back, very useful. Will do more work.

    I had thought I’d put “antix-exit” in the menu for logging out and exiting. To exit I opened terminal and entered “sudo powerdown”.

    When initaly instaling from the net-install-script it was going to install a systemd file because of “bl-exit”.
    I changed some of the “apps to be installed” so this wouldn’t happen.

    I’m waiting for a new hard drive before I can put another together. I’ll post here when a new iso is up.
    Thank you again for your feedback.


    Hi @manyroads, there should be the Antix cli install script (and maybe the gui one) but will need launching from the command line.
    As this is a proof of concept no extra work was done on the menus.
    Will be on the next release.

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    @an_englishman_abroad, if you are serious about making a respin over the course of years then after using live-remaster and/or snapshot to make a proof of concept, I encourage you to use our build-iso system to create your respin. This takes more work upfront but will make it much easier to maintain your respin/distro over a number of years. We use build-iso to create all the iso files for both antiX and MX Linux. Others have used it to make their own respins.

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    Here are couple of screenshots, just for the inspiration.
    Usability is not that good but the looks …
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    + LXDE & OpenBox Ed.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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