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    title of this topic is a WIP ~~ maybe should mention these in separate topics
    (mentioned by anticapitalista in the antiX screenshots topic)

    video: My “AntixQt” and “LXQtix” re spins, a quick introduction to their similarities and differencies by Jim Acklaw
    the video description states:

    Re-spins of “Antix 17” incorporating the ‘LXQt’ DE. A showcase of how good “Antix’ is, and how easily the individual can make use of the ‘iso-snapshot’ tool that it comes with as standard. Many thanks to the Antix developers for their ongoing work to create such a complete, sharp, distro based on the robust Debian Linux system.

    project page at sourceforge.net
    A duo of re-spins based on the very able “Antix-17” Debian based ‘distro’.
    “AntixQT” is the complete – and up-to-date – full source distro onto which has been added the ‘LXQt’ desktop environment,
    whereas “LXQTix” is the core-only distro onto which has been added the LXDE and LXQt DE.

    All the goodness of the source distro has been retained within both so that none of the functionality is lost.
    The ‘iso’ can be either burned to USB or DVD; both are small enough so as not to challenge anyone with limited download capability,
    and yet are fully featured in all areas needed to provide a ‘daily-driver’.

    The ‘iso’ is created with the ‘snapshot’ tool. Best to use ‘demo/demo’ to logon, and when you wish to install,
    open a root-terminal and invoke the ‘minstall’ command.

    All source distro features retained
    Created with the antix iso-snapshot tool
    One is fuller, and the other and slim LXQt/LXDE version
    An ongoing project for 2018
    LXQt is version 0.11, so as up-to-date as many others on offer.
    Synapse and Bleachbit
    Chromium and Firefox-ESR
    SmTube and SMplayer
    Qbittorrent + uget
    *To INSTALL, go to root terminal, and type minstall to invoke the GUI installer


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    video (Dec20, 2017): Product Review – AntiXQt by Backyard I.T

    It’s cool that folks have already noticed the respins, but…
    yeah, as a YoutTube commenter pointed out, this Backyard I.T video sort of bears a misleading title

    I am surprised that you spent the entire video looking over Antix 17 and never once got to the lxQt desktop. The only thing that made this snapshot at all different from the stock Antix install was never covered. You appeared to credit Jim for all the components he had no hand in selecting. Did you watch Jim’s own video on his snapshots before doing your own? I apologize for being critical, but I failed to see how this video was at all a review of Jim’s work. Jim’s work on Antix inspired me to do my own snapshot on an Antix Core install. Thanks Jim.


    Too bad it is nowhere explained that antiXQt is 64bit only (tried on my old laptop with no success)



    Thanks for mentioning that important detail… and we’re still left guessing whether the other (“lxqtix”) is 64bit-only as well.

    In the video, it was a bit unsettling to observe him fumbling around in the desktop menu, unable to find (remember) “Other Desktops” }} Change Desktop.
    I wish the video had been edited to omit that, along with several other minutes of “dead space”
    On a netbook, running openBroadcasterStudio and demo’ing the respin loading inside virtualbox…
    hopefully casual viewers will understand that scenario doesn’t represent the speediness of a natively installed system.

    Speaking of casual viewers, the video mentions that antiX 15 was previously his daily driver…
    …yet, in preparation toward releasing a respin, it is painfully apparent in the video that he hasn’t visited the forum and read
    Forums }} General }} Tips and Tricks }} window resizing tip!
    (that same Tip was presented in an oldarchive topic as well, FWIW)


    I confirm lxqtix is 64bit, also.
    Furthermore memory usage is quite high, so these are not distributions useful to revive old hardware.

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