Anyone here used GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) and/or Free Pascal?

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      Here’s the thing: BACK UP everything you have or keep a copy of the system you install.

      I’d it breaks, don’t be afraid; play with it and see if you can fix it. If YES then you learn something. If you don’t have time or interest reinstall; it’s that simple.

      When you have time, experiment.

      I do make sure my data is backed up! That’s the stuff that’s nigh on impossible to replace!

      Years and years ago, when I bought my first computer (monochrome, 30 MB drive; typical stone age stuff), I had not one, but three physical hard drive crashes in a row in about 6 months. “One in a million chance (each time)”, they said! I wish I could beat those sort of odds with lottery tickets, mind!

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        Dear friend
        I am new to this forum (I found it while searching for a possible solution to the problem that I will describe below).

        I have programs written in Pascal (written a long time ago, I believe in the mid-’80s) that I used some time ago by compiling them using gpc. It’s been at least 15 years since I last used these programs (it’s a tool for solving models based on queueing networks, a formalism used for modeling computing systems and evaluating their performance).

        In short, the executables still work (on Linux/Ubuntu), and I have even managed to install old versions of Ubuntu with a working version of the gpc compiler. The problem I encounter, both with the executables compiled 15 years ago and those compiled recently, is that at a certain point, the output I get (which in the case of optimal functioning was a simple text file) contains illegible characters (non ASCII).

        Do you have any suggestions for solving the problem?

        Thank you in advance,


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        Brian Masinick

          If you are able to find a usable Pascal compiler in the default packages, first try:
          sudo apt update; sudo apt install gpc

          IF this is NOT available, check out ;
          it provides multiple possibilities. I don’t use Pascal and have not used it since
          my undergraduate education and I am now retired, so it has been since the SEVENTIES
          for me; this is my lone suggestion; maybe others can offer other possibilities.

          Brian Masinick

          Brian Masinick

            says: “GPC is based on the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU CC or GCC. You will need the GCC sources to build it. It must be the same version as the one GPC is implemented with – 2.8.1, 2.95.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x or 3.4.x as of this writing. Although you need GCC to build the GNU Pascal compiler, you don’t need GCC to compile Pascal programs once GNU Pascal is installed. (However, using certain libraries will require compiling C wrappers, so it is a good idea to install the C compiler as well.)

            Because GNU Pascal shares its back-end with GCC, it should run on any system supported by GCC. A full list of platforms supported by GCC can be found in the GCC installation instructions (“Using and Porting GNU CC”).
            The GCC source can be obtained from any mirror of the GNU FTP site, The “core” distribution is sufficient for GPC.”

            The remainder of the reference has details; IF you are able to build your own code from source, this may be your best option; if not, you do not have very many alternatives, but I’ve done my best to share what I could find.

            Brian Masinick

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