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      the antiX magic lies in its ability to be a live USB (or frugal) system.

      Although I don’t know why the kernel doesn’t receive an upgrade automatically, I do know that – on a live system – if you install a new kernel, you’ll have to (manually) remaster, then (manually) run live-kernel-updater to actually use that new kernel. It would still exist there in either the persistence file (if used), or in the new remaster (if performed), but until the live-kernel-updater has been run, setting the new kernel as the default, it would not be used. It would just be taking up space.
      And, of course, some live-usbs could very well be “space-challenged,” so – whatever the reason for not automatically updating the kernel – I think it’s a good policy.

      confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019

      Brian Masinick

        That’s a good example of why the use of different kernels with the live image “doesn’t receive an upgrade automatically,” and in fact I have had to go through the process of updating my system with whatever I intend to use, INCLUDING different kernels, then remastering the updated version.

        Before our 6.1.18 kernel became available I had to create the entire kernel module structure to support the newer wireless driver that requires a recent kernel. Version 23 will help with all of that. Unfortunately a few really old systems will no longer be supported.

        That’s why we’ve been keeping multiple versions available to support as many people and systems as possible.

        Brian Masinick

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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