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    I have been using aptitude as my primary apt tool.

    Today, when I launched it for my daily update on packages, it produced a red screen and wanted to install several hundred programs to fix a dependency issue. It specifically mentioned problem with a conflict with grub-customizer.

    I couldn’t figure out the basis for the issue and ultimately quit the program, opened a fresh terminal and used the aptitude keep-all command to get rid of it.

    Has anyone else had a recent problem like this either with aptitude or apt or synaptic, or is it something I somehow caused?




    Hi stevesr0 , are you using testing or stable repos on antiX.?
    If stable, how did you install grub-customizer ?
    I know there was once a conflict on antiX with grub-customizer, but I’m not sure if that is still the case, probably not.

    Somehow off-topic, I haven’t installed grub-customizer myself for years, because i only had trouble with it. You just can’t reconstruct how it works and where it writes what and why. As long as everything works fine, all is great, but woe if not. Then you have to handle the pieces of broken grub. And that happened to me more than once.Maybe these days it’s better.

    Edit: I’ve just seen grub-customizer is indeed in the antiX-stretch repo since 23-Oct-2018.
    So forget about my question.

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    I am not sure if I have tried to use it <g>.

    It is installed; I think I heard someone recommending it.

    I will heed your caution about using it.



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    I remember aptitude not respecting /etc/apt/prefences.d files in the past. Not sure now. What you describe is when I used to run systemd install experiments on my lonesome.

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    Yes grub-customerizer is, to my mind, one to avoid, if you are at all able. antiX certainly offers ‘native’ tools that will do most, if not all, of what grub-customizer claims to do without nearly the same risk(s). Just one old guy’s opinion.

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    Just one old guy’s opinion.

    You don’t have to keep stressing that.
    We are ALL old, even the hardware for antiX!

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