[gelöst] asus bios läßt kein booten von DVD zu

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      Wie setze ich das Thema auf “gelöst”?

      How do I set the topic to “solved”?


        it was the DVD. Barely visible, a few thin scratches. I only noticed it when I wanted to overwrite the DVD (RW) to make sure there were no errors during burning. Then my burning program didn’t recognize the DVD at all. Then, of course, the BIOS could not recognize the boot media (DVD) either …


        Glad the solution was using a new DVD… Most of the time, problems with computers are not really caused by computers, but what’s between the user’s ears… We tend to overthink stuff and not consider the most obvious cause for problems (this includes myself: a few weeks ago: “My printer does not WORK!!! I rebooted, tried to configure the printer… nothing got it to work… Why? For some random reason, I had unplugged it’s USB cable and forgot all about that…)



          Yes, you are really right! Although I was always told (and since then I always say it myself) “First check the hardware”, you forget it again and again.
          Good that there is you (this forum). And Antix (anyway).


            tja aber es war die DVD


            Tja, so ist es manchmal. Freut mich, dass es nun geklappt hat.

            Well, that’s how it is sometimes. I’m glad it worked now.

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